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Noun1.internationalisation - the act of bringing something under international control
group action - action taken by a group of people
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ENPNewswire-August 26, 2019--Karolinska Institutet: Are you interested in contributing to KI's internationalisation?
How well do traditional theories explain the internationalisation of service MNEs from small and open economies?--Case: National telecommunication companies.
Science Policy and the Driving Forces behind the Internationalisation of Science: The Case of Norway.
The internationalisation of the RMB: New starts, jumps and tipping points.
Key Success Factors of SME Internationalisation: A Cross-Country Perspective
Is innovation really a determinant of internationalisation? The case of Slovenian internationalized.
Innovative internationalisation in new firms: born globals--the Swedish case.
Internationalisation of higher education in Europe and its assessment, trends and issues.
The panel also commended the institution's internationalisation activities both at home and abroad, recognising that internationalisation is pervasive throughout the institution and embedded deeply within each of its schools and units.
Madeleine Green, chairwoman of the panel and senior fellow of the IAU and the National Association of International Educators, said: "The IAU is delighted to confer the first learning badge for comprehensive internationalisation.

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