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A section or part between two nodes, as of a nerve or stem.

in′ter·nod′al (-nōd′l) adj.
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During elongation of the apical meristem of grasses, the plant ceases leaf production and all nutrient allocation to older leaves, and the photo-assimilates produced are reserved for internodal elongation and reproductive structure formation (SALVADOR et al., 2014).
Myelination, diameter of the nerve fibre, and internodal differences are the determinants of nerve Conduction velocity.
(2009), who reported that the fiber length in node sections of Chusquea culeou bamboo was in the range of 1,000 to 1,080 urn, while the internodal material had an average fiber length between 1,730 and 1,780 [micro]m.
Plant growth and developement especially leaf structure is associated with the light availibility and intensity like leaf length and internodal distance.
The improvement in plant height due to application of boron might be, because it increased the internodal length of plant by increasing number of cells as it is known that the boron is associated with the development of cell wall and cell differentiation and hence, helps in root elongation and shoot growth of plant (Shehzad and Maqsood, 2015).
The presented model assumes the possibility of regulating the molecular mobility of network polymers due to a change in the chemical structure (the nature of the node, internodal fragments and their kinetic flexibility, polarity of groups, etc.).
This adjustment is required because the internodal distance is constant as stipulated in the problem representation.
In the visual cortex of normal aging rhesus monkeys, internodal length decreases, suggesting active remyelination occurs throughout life [36].
Por ultimo, para la distribucion de la informacion intema mas organizada y la comunicacion internodal, se utiliza una lista de distribucion de Riseup, donde se informa de las campanas, hashtags e instrucciones para la organizacion.
(10, 11) Given the crucial role of myelin in saltatory conduction of action potential, it is plausible that this mechanism is responsible for the slowing of nerve conduction velocity seen in entrapment neuropathy due to thinner myelin and decreased internodal length.
Leaf and internodal explants originated from aerial parts of plants cultivated in vitro in MS medium (Murashige & Skoog, 1962) were used to induce calli.