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A specialized sensory nerve receptor that receives and responds to stimuli originating from within the body.

in′ter·o·cep′tive adj.
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Adj.1.interoceptive - of or relating to interoception
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This decoupling could be interpreted in the context of alterations in interoceptive sensitivity in alcoholism and other drug-taking behaviors, given that the stimulating effects of drugs on the autonomic nervous system could result in altered perceptions regarding bodily states (Naqvi & Bechara, 2010; Paulus, Feinstein, Simmons & Stein, 2004; Verdejo-Garcia, Clark & Dunn, 2012).
"Using CBT to treat panic disorder includes exposure to uncomfortable physical symptoms (interoceptive exposure) that occur during a panic attack and result in avoidance.
One function of the salience network, he said, is to regulate switching between the default mode network (DMN)--an interoceptive network --and the central executive network, usually active in exteroceptive tasks.
The intervention is called Mindful Awareness in Body-oriented Therapy (MABT) and combines manual, mindfulness and psycho-educational approaches to teach interoceptive awareness and related self-care skills.
In the heavy exercise intensity domain (exercise performed between the first VT to the respiratory compensation point (RCP)), there is strong dominance of cognitive factors, with interoceptive cues associated with the physiological strain of exercise (e.g.
They found that at a 95% confidence interval and according to the Moses-Littenberg linear regression model, cystatin C was more interoceptive for indicating renal dysfunction compared to Cr [cystatin C: 3.99 (3.41-4.57) versus Cr: 2.79 (2.12-3.4)] (23).
The take-home message from this symposium was that meditative practices often employ techniques to heighten and enhance the interoceptive experience, which can be useful when treating patients with chronic pain.
Awareness and Interoceptive exposure to the physical tolerance of physical sensations of sweaty hands (through sensations (Session 10) gloves) and dry throat (breathing cold air through the throat) Module 7.
Mindful eating means increasing interoceptive awareness -- the awareness of bodily sensations -- as you eat.
The most accepted biologic hypotheses include: * genetic risks * interoceptive sensitivity * somatosensory amplification * emotion processing variances * autonomic nervous system dysfunction.