(ĭn′tər-ô′fĭs, -ŏf′ĭs)
Transmitted or taking place between offices, especially those of a single organization: an interoffice memo; interoffice conferences.
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existing or transmitted between two or more offices of an organization
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(ˌɪn tərˈɔ fɪs, -ˈɒf ɪs)

functioning or communicating between the offices of a company or organization.
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Prior to conducting the study, we identified a number of potential agency-organizational aspects of GIMC which might impact its effective implementation, including (1) interoffice coordination, (2) coordination of promotion disciplines across country offices, (3) degree of centralization, (4) frequency of interoffice communication, and (5) use of information technology.
One of the major tweaks to the interoffice package was the switch to just one planner size being offered.
In fact, he was often able to offer some assistance, such as pushing a cart or helping to deliver interoffice memos or mail.
Staff learned how to resolve interoffice issues and to feel more comfortable with the organizational change process.
Everything else - interoffice memos, unintelligible missives from personnel, freelance submissions, canned op-ed pieces, innumerable press releases, and a thick stack of journals like the Free China Review - went into the in-basket at the same time.
Interoffice memo: Jd: You may want to mention that beating frozen clothes can break cloth fibers--thus wearing out the clothes faster!
"Sometimes it's impossible for a chairman to send a large number of people a simple thing like an interoffice e-mail message, because the systems don't communicate.
Americans have become serious recyclers, collecting upwards of 22 percent of our trash, some 45 million tons of newspapers, wine bottles, pet food cans, interoffice memos, junk mail and plastic milk jugs.
Imaging systems convert information into scanned (or digitized) images, thereby enabling interoffice sharing of entire documents, maps, or photographs via the computer screen.
(Don't bring the coffee back to your office!) Take a few minutes to chat with coworkers as you deliver interoffice mail.
In the course of these investigations they discovered interoffice memos, employee evaluation forms, employee telephone numbers, clothing, $16 in cash, a William Gibson novel, unopened letters from Gay Men's Health Crisis, and the Gap loss-prevention handbook.