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(ˌɪntərˈɒsɪəs) or


(Anatomy) anatomy situated between or among bones
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a. interóseo-a, entre huesos o que conecta los huesos.
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The axis artery gives rise to the axillary, brachial and interosseous arteries.
Objective: To assess the efficacy of reverse flow posterior interosseous artery flap for the coverage of large variety of hand/wrist defects.
Soft tissue techniques in the form of forearm interosseous release and light massage of the extensor muscles, specifically to the extensor carpi radialis brevis (ECRB) muscle, were performed during each session for 3 to 5 minutes.
Excellent to good results were observed in those who were treated by open reduction of ulnar fracture by callus trimming with indirect reduction of radial head via interosseous membrane traction.
It is well documented that posterior tibial tendon transfer by circuntibial or interosseous route has been used to treat foot drop and correct the equinovarus deformity in leprosy patients.
Usually, it shares branches with the flexor carpus radialis (FCR), palmaris longus (PL), flexor digitorum superficialis (FDS) and anterior interosseous nerve (AIN).
It was described as the branch that emerges from the median nerve or anterior interosseous nerve (branch of the median nerve) and moves towards the ulnar nerve, containing fibers dedicated to the intrinsic musculature of the hand.
Axial pattern pedicled flaps (Radial forearm, reversed ulnar artery and posterior interosseous flaps) are used to cover defects of the palmar and dorsal surface of the hand.
NCS/EMG evaluation revealed that 88(73.9%) cases had RNI at the mid-arm level, 16(13.4%) had posterior interosseous nerve injury, 9(7.6%) had injury to all trunks of the brachial plexus, 5(4.2%) had injury to the posterior cord, while 1(0.8%) had a C7 radiculopathy.
The syndesmosis comprises of the anterior inferior tibiofibular ligament, the interosseous membrane, and the posterior inferior tibiofibular ligament.
A clinical examination showed weakness of the right interosseous muscles (grade 3/5 on the Medical Research Council scale), abduction of the right thumb, and extension of the right wrist and fingers II-V (Medical Research Council 4/5).
Stability in the distal tibiofibular joint is maintained by the syndesmotic ligaments, which include the anterior inferior tibiofibular ligament (AITFL), the posterior inferior tibiofibular ligament (PITFL), the transverse ligament, and the interosseous ligament.

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