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Noun1.interpenetration - the action of penetrating between or among
penetration, incursion - an attack that penetrates into enemy territory
2.interpenetration - mutual penetration; diffusion of each through the other
penetration - the act of entering into or through something; "the penetration of upper management by women"
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Hence Bergson's interpenetration of the present by the past, Hegelian continuity and identity-in-diversity, and a host of other notions which are thought to be profound because they are obscure and confused.
We meet as water meets water, or as two currents of air mix, with perfect diffusion and interpenetration of nature.
Working with contemporary architectural theories of interpenetration and mediation as well as recent literary approaches to form, she resituates the architectural idea at the center of Victorian aesthetic and social dialogues.
Baku is not only a city at the junction of civilizations and religions, but also a place of their interpenetration, the well-known Russian historian and political scientist Oleg Kuznetsov told reporters Oct.
This interpenetration of developed economies was supposed to bring parallel integration in political terms, creating a vast supranational economic and political cooperation.
Captivated with their elegance, freedom, and power, his interpenetration of layers in his paintings demonstrated the horses' personalities to the moods of their names.
A novelty is the pursuit of a continuous line that traverses all the themes: the interpenetration of the divine and the human aspect in the Bible.
The variation of interpenetration displacement [delta] during impact is illustrated in Figure 2, where [t.sup.-], [t.sup.m], and [t.sup.+] stand for the initial time of contact, the time which maximum interpenetration displacement [[delta].sub.m] occurs and the time of separation between the two colliding bodies.
From the beginning of her career, Linda Hogan's often prayer-like poems evoke liminality, speaking from blurred boundaries of animal and human, self and other, but it is the constant interpenetration of the sacred and mundane, which poet-theorist Jennifer Gosetti-Ferencei calls "the ecstatic quotidian," that sets Linda Hogans work on a plane of its own.
The organizers say that the main purpose of the Festival is to facilitate exchange of experiences and interpenetration of national cultures and traditions between the people engaged in cultivation of rice.
After a section on the theories and ideological issues underlying strategic approaches, part 2 discusses issues related to regulating the interaction between religious and secular norms in different jurisdictions, and part 3 examines non-state responses to the interpenetration of social norms between communities.
Elles se presentent comme interpenetration subtile de notre memoire tatouee voire un dialogue permanent entre les signes conventionnels et les formes originelles de la vie.