interphalangeal joint

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Noun1.interphalangeal joint - any of the joints between the phalanges of the fingers or toes
ginglymoid joint, ginglymus, hinge joint - a freely moving joint in which the bones are so articulated as to allow extensive movement in one plane
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palmar view in flexion: slight stiffness in the flexion of PIP joint and a flexion 40[degrees] of the distal interphalangeal joint of the fourth right digit; b.
The adipofascial turnover flap for coverage of the exposed distal interphalangeal joint of the fingers and interphalangeal joint of the thumb.
The lesion appeared linear all around the proximal interphalangeal joint level of the toe (Figure 1a).
These procedures included finger metacarpophalangeal joint arthroplasty using a Swanson silicone implant in five cases, arthrodesis of thumb metacarpophalangeal or interphalangeal joints in four, arthrodesis of finger proximal interphalangeal or distal interphalangeal joints in four, extensor tendon transfer in three, and synovectomy of the finger metacarpophalangeal joint in two cases.
Model was used to evaluate the kinematics of the phalanges such as angular displacement of interphalangeal joints. In order to evaluate the actual prosthetic finger movement, an experiment was conducted using a movement analysis software package, "Kinovea." At first, markers were placed on each digit of prosthetic index finger (see Figure 15).
Caption: Figure 4: Axial T1 fat-saturated magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the foot obtained with gadolinium contrast administration demonstrated marginal erosions at the great toe interphalangeal joint, associated synovitis, and bone marrow enhancement (black arrows).
Interphalangeal joint movability examination was carried out with a protractor; the maximum angle of finger opening in proximal interphalanx joints of a dominating hand index finger was assessed [14, 15].
This edition adds operative exposures, particularly for the proximal interphalangeal joint; new implant designs and technologies, including devices that offer angular stable fixation; and expanded clinical cases with improved image clarity.
The wound was well healed in six weeks, with full range of motion including the distal interphalangeal joint (Figure 3).
On the left hand, this demarcation was evident on the proximal interphalangeal joint (Figure 1 a, b, c).