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vb (tr)
to plant (a crop) among another crop, or to plant (land) with a variety of crops


(v. ˌɪn tərˈkrɒp; n. ˈɪn tərˌkrɒp)

v. -cropped, -crop•ping,
n. v.i.
1. to grow one crop between the rows of another, as in an orchard or field.
2. to grow a crop between the rows of.
3. a crop plant growing between plants of a different crop.
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Interplant large vegetable plants with perennials that go dormant in summer's heat, like Oriental poppies, and they will occupy the vacated space.
PROJECT: Work on an interplant sludge-corrosion monitoring system for Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District
Consider them for the backbone of your living fence, and then interplant with other natives that have varying textures, colors, and bloom times to add visual interest throughout the year.
W and S cultivation are beneficial in improving plant height to attenuate interplant competition.
of the Philippines (NGCP, which manages the national electric transmission system) to use the electric grid's interplant transmission infrastructure as the backbone for the third telecom player.
Starvation is the usual outcome because interplant distances often exceed larval dispersal ranges (Hellman, 2002).
As we do not observe interplant trade, this approach infers vertical relations from information about the goods produced in each establishment and their input-output relationships.
The corms of 3-4 cm diameter were stored at room temperature before plantation and corms were planted in mid-November on 60 cm apart ridges with 20 cm interplant distance.
I always interplant marigolds with my beans, tomatoes, squash and okra.
Belt conveyors providing interplant transfer are highly viable and are often employed successfully across multiple industries.
In the section that's really burnt, we could interplant."