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adv.1.By interpretation.
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Similarly, when classical is defined humanistically, authors become classics when their works are read exegetically and interpretatively.
The chief's message can interpretatively be flipped on its head.
Neutral verbs (say and tell in English) are interpretatively empty, as they "simply signal the illocutionary act--the saying; the intended meaning (illocutionary force) has to be derived from the dialogue itself' (Caldas-Coulthard 1987, 153).
Interpretatively she's her own woman: in Variation 7 she gives the Gigue an almost elegiac quality, while in Variation 25, the "Black Pearl", we clearly hear Bach's dissonances but without over-emphasis.
The first nine books must be read dramatically, he says, while the last three must be read interpretatively (473).
The relationship between interpretation--the ascertainment of textual meaning--and adjudication--the determination of real- world cases-is actually quite complex, even if one has a normative theory of adjudication that says to decide cases as much as possible in accordance with interpretatively derived textual meaning.
In the digital humanities, an experiment in speculative computing, the Ivanhoe Game, enabled groups of reflexive readers to take up subject positions to iteratively and interpretatively intervene in a textual field (Drucker, 2009; McGann, 2003).
Although guided by the ambition to care for and protect this vulnerable group, structural transactions provided by the welfare system run the risk of simultaneously depriving individuals of both the experiences and the hermeneutical resources necessary to interpretatively frame and make sense of their limited situation and lack of possibilities--and thus from interacting epistemically in fruitful ways.
Interpretatively, stronger predictive variables are associated with higher beta values.
In contrast, the results of clustering in the case of small countries are interpretatively not too clear.
This interpretatively implies that the integrated advertisement message strategy effectively impact a positive image of the advertised brand.
Sensitivity to historical media of dissemination may be as interpretatively important as sensitivity to changing media of creation.