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Adv.1.interracially - by race; "interracially restrictive"
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As the frequency increased from 10 Hz to 100 Hz, space charge does not have enough time to build up interracially and undergo first relaxation [11].
interracially or who advocated interracial dating or marriage.
The establishment of interracial spaces and acting interracially were essential to building acceptance for more equitable human relations, initially in the Deep South and later replicated by WIMS veterans in Northern urban communities such as Chicago, Philadelphia, and Boston.
Collectively these books "share the same goal of demonstrating that Americans are far more interracially related than we realize" (410).
He was interracially married, so he came down to Haiti to live, and that's how I struck up with him.
This study utilized logistic regression to test whether students' personal characteristics and experiences significantly predict their likelihood of dating interracially in college.
(60) Despite this, as noted earlier in this essay, a growing number of African-American women are marrying interracially.
To frame the picture another way, the average black person was 137 times more likely to rob interracially than the average white person: 192 versus 1.4 (out of every 100,000).
Read in light of that campaign, the Administration's argument in Palmore that "[t]he Equal Protection Clause does not 'protect' certain racial classes to the exclusion of others; it protects all persons from invidious racial classification" must have appeared to the Justices directed less at the possibility that black parents who married interracially might be subject to the same rules and more to the broader question of whether the race of the victim "matters" in equal protection adjudication.
In Japan the number of people who marry interracially or inter-ethnically is increasing, but changes to naming practices must occur for Japan to become a multicultural society.
Moreover, black men are more likely than black women to date and marry interracially, further reducing the already limited supply of middle-class black men available for marriage (pp.
interracially for two of them--are consistent with downplaying their