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Noun1.interreflection - reciprocal reflection between two reflecting surfaces; "there was interreflection between the two surfaces of the lens"
reflexion, reflection - the phenomenon of a propagating wave (light or sound) being thrown back from a surface
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Whiteford has been in multiple reggae bands in the area for nearly two decades, from Interreflection, The Scandal with Brian Plate, and the Rum Runners with Scott Clough, but none quite like The Polytricksters.
For the shallow depths, there may be problems due to the surface tension of the water and possible curvature of the air-water surface meniscus, which would reduce the interreflection at that interface.
A given light power level reflected by the device under test leads to an error in the measurement due to interreflection in the optical attenuator or the laser.
While it is possible to rely upon the default Radiance interreflection calculation to integrate light arriving through the windows and skylights, the more complex their behavior, the more time it takes to get a reasonable result.
The adjustment is based on the camera response function according to the reflectivity of the surface and to the illumination of ambient light and surface interreflections. As a novel mathematical model was established to calculate the intensity of the ambient light and surface interreflections, the optimal intensity of each pixel in the fringe pattern to be projected is precisely calculated, which is superior to the previously proposed techniques using raw fringe images captured at different illuminations to synthesize the HDR images.
Then the model uses the gathered information to generate initial luminance exitance used in a radiosity method, which assumes that all interior surfaces are perfect diffusers, and computes diffuse interreflections. For later usage in glare calculation and for obtaining accurate work plane illuminance, in the ray tracing method, a 40-by-40 grid size is applied for each interior surface, and for work plane illuminance and vertical illuminance, a 3-by-3 grid size is used.
We exclude the presence of interreflections among surface patches.
The calculation was performed using AGi32 software, accounting for direct solar, including interreflections, and incorporating adaptive subdivision.
As multiple panes of glass or plastic are incorporated into a window, interreflections and absorption within the panes reduces the SHGC.
In 1984 Cindy Goral presented the first radiosity paper in computer graphics, and we were thrilled that we could model this simple box and capture the "colorbleeding" phenomena caused by the interreflections of light (Figure 6).
The interreflections between objects and their environments and the subsurface scattering through the materials have to be considered to create realistic visual effects [8].
Overall, Case 4, which tracks the sun patches and treats the diffuse radiation part using the absorptance-weighted area method, and Case 5, which tracks the sun patches and uses the simplified radiosity method to calculate interreflections, are both in good agreement with the advanced computational method (described as Case 6), which tracks the sun patches using ray-tracing and uses fine-grid radiosity for processing the detailed diffuse flux.