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tr. & intr.v. in·ter·re·lat·ed, in·ter·re·lat·ing, in·ter·re·lates
To place in or come into mutual relationship.

in′ter·re·lat′ed·ness n.
in′ter·re·la′tion·ship′ n.
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Noun1.interrelatedness - mutual or reciprocal relation or relatedness; "interrelationships of animal structure and function"
relation - an abstraction belonging to or characteristic of two entities or parts together
psychodynamics - the interrelation of conscious and unconscious processes and emotions that determine personality and motivation
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This maintains a focus on the unique complexity and interrelatedness of the health care industry without losing sight of the fact that all entities, large or small, must remain equally secure to ensure the safety of patient information that is used and shared by so many.
respect for international human rights principles, including universality, indivisibility, interdependence, and interrelatedness of all human rights and fundamental freedoms, as well as impartiality, objectivity, non-selectivity, non-discrimination, and avoidance of double standards and politicisation - is immediately followed by 2.
They cover foundational issues in child development; major theories and research related to learning and cognition; emotional aspects like attachment, self-control, and emotion regulation; social aspects like social cognition, prosocial and antisocial behavior, conflict resolution, peer interaction, and play; and the interrelatedness of each domain.
If we can demonstrate that the FIT technique can be adapted to provide vital information on the interrelatedness of these increasingly rare animals, it will support their chance of survival and, hopefully, that of other endangered species as well.
An emotion-driven approach to branding is built on the interrelatedness of experience, perception, and outcome.
For sure, creatures are teachers, and the more we learn from and about animals--their intelligence, beauty patience, adaptability ingenuity, elegance and physical prowess --the deeper grows our respect for the sanctity and interrelatedness of all life.
It also recognizes the global nature of all human rights and fundamental freedoms, and their indivisibility, interdependence and interrelatedness.
At its core it was about justice based on integral ecology or the interrelatedness (#120, #137), interconnectedness (#16, #138), interdependence between God, neighbor and the whole of creation.
Among the majestic mosques and cathedrals of Damascus, "peoples of the book" peacefully coexist and worship God together, respecting the interrelatedness of each other's prophets and spiritual teachings.
In that court's June 2014 decision it ruled: "Given the self-evident interrelatedness of the projects as well as their temporal overlap, the Commission was obliged to consider the other three Tennessee Gas pipeline projects when it conducted its NEPA review of the Northeast Project.
The interrelatedness and interdependence between all rights must be recognized; no human right can be fully enjoyed in isolation.
Calling attention to the inseparability of the Bible mission story and theology in discussion of missions enables Goheen to provide a robust reflection on the interrelatedness of several theological concerns such as Scripture, eschatology, soteriology, Christology, ecclesiology, and pneumatology.