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Asking a question; of the nature of a question; interrogative.
n. pl. in·ter·rog·a·to·ries Law
A written or oral question that must be answered under oath and is asked by a party in a lawsuit of another party or of a potential witness prior to trial.

in′ter·rog′a·to′ri·ly adv.


(ˌɪntəˈrɒɡətərɪz; -trɪz)
pl n
(Law) law written questions asked by one party to a suit, to which the other party has to give written answers under oath
References in classic literature ?
Then, having removed a plank from his floor, and nothing remaining but a simple ceiling between him and the room beneath, in which the interrogatories were made, he heard all that passed between the inquisitors and the accused.
The interrogatories, preceded by a minute search operated upon the persons arrested, were almost always framed thus: "Has Madame Bonacieux sent anything to you for her husband, or any other person?
A note couched in precise terms, containing special interrogatories, was then drawn up and addressed to the Observatory of Cambridge in Massachusetts.
were pondering over the string of rather abstruse grammatical interrogatories I had propounded, I was at liberty to employ the vacant half hour in further observing the directress herself.
I have the report of the interrogatories here, by me.
The night was cold and still; the family had all retired to rest but Villefort, who alone remained up, and worked till five o'clock in the morning, reviewing the last interrogatories made the night before by the examining magistrates, compiling the depositions of the witnesses, and putting the finishing stroke to the deed of accusation, which was one of the most energetic and best conceived of any he had yet delivered.
After each of these interrogatories, she has inclined her head.
Duncan affected not to comprehend the meaning of their repeated and violent interrogatories, while his companion was spared the effort of a similar deception by his ignorance of French.
The CID covers the period from January 1, 2010 to the present and requires the production of documents and answers to written interrogatories.
Neither the findings nor the paper appeared in the tenants response to the landlords interrogatories, as required by the scheduling order.
No fundamental right is violated if Mary Jane is allowed to answer written interrogatories as the accused through counsel will be present when her deposition is taken in Indonesia in the presence not only of the same Philippine judge hearing the case for human trafficking, illegal recruitment and swindling, but also other concerned judicial and consular officials of the Philippines and Indonesia,' Olalia said.
This RFP is divided into the following sections: Section 1 Solicitation Section 2 Contract Terms and Conditions Section 3 Required Forms Section 4 Required Forms Section 4 Selection Criteria Section 5 Group Vision Plan Model Section 6 Benefit Plan Deviations Section 7 RFP Questionnaire and Interrogatories Section 8 Proposed Premium and Fee Exhibits Section 9 Financial and Claim Reporting Package Section 10 Required Insurance Certificate