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Tenders are invited for Set Of Spares For 30Sfgp-25A Interruptor And For 50Sfgp-20A Breaker Make Cgl Consisting Of Five Items: 1 Trip Coil - 01 No.
Tenders are invited for Operating Counter Suitable For 25Kv Sf-6 Interruptor 30Sfgp-25A And 25Kv Sf-6 Circuit Breaker 50Sfgp-25A Of Cgl Make Make: Kaycee Or Ee
Tenders are invited for Vaccum Bottle Model-D2m2 Alind Make Circuit Breaker And Interruptor Make: Bel, Bangalore Or Other Similar Make Suitable For 27 5Kv/2500A/20Ka Alind Make Circuit Breaker And Interruptor.