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a. Of or relating to an intersection or intersections: Traffic lights are intersectional control systems.
b. Mathematics Of or relating to intersection.
2. Of or relating to intersectionality: "In a 2016 report on how HIV affects Afro-Brazilian females, [she] stressed the need for an intersectional approach to HIV research and health policy" (Angelo C. Louw).

in′ter·sec′tion·al·ly adv.
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Transnational Psychology of Women: Expanding International and Intersectional Approaches
ENPNewswire-July 29, 2019--SAP-The Impact of Intersectional Inclusion
Many generations after intersectional thinking appears in women of color activism, and three decades after the term was coined in Kimberle Crenshaw's legal work, intersectionality has become a research method, an academic discipline, a call for representation, a diversity and inclusion initiative, a benchmark for feminist organizing--and it has become a target of virulent critique.
In case there was any confusion, Roxane Gay, a celebrated feminist author and voice of the left, tweeted this in response to the idea of people who oppose abortion participating in the event: "Intersectional feminism does not include a pro-life agenda.
The contemporary inclusive protest, such as the movement Black Lives Matter, or the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) action against Israel, has oftentimes employed transnational and intersectional approaches, emphasizing the plurality of instances of oppression that an individual can experience.
Dr Tomasz Olewski, interim managing director of the Mary Kay O'Connor Process Safety Center-Qatar, said over the past decade, QPSS has set a new standard for intersectional dialogue and developing the competencies of engineers in Qatar.
Points of discussion included comments on lack of public spaces available for women, stereotypes associated with women within the country, moral policing and fat shaming, generalization regarding desi marriages, mental health and intersectional feminism.
The movement has an intersectional platform that seeks essential changes to systems that oppress or endanger those who aren't part of the cisgender, able-bodied, neurological-normative, white supremist hetero-patriarchy.
RocCity Coalition is hosting its next RocIDEA Connection eventa workshop on intersectional feminismon Thursday, Jan.
APHA's Intersectional Council Steering Committee elected Megan Latshaw, PhD, MHS, as chair-elect; the Council of Affiliates elected Melissa "Moose" Alperin, EdD, MPH, MCHES, as chairelect; and the Student Assembly elected Emily Bartlett, MPH, as chairelect.
Those eligible for this larger, more intersectional programme now include artists identifying as women, non-binary, and/or transgender, artists of colour, as well as artists with disabilities.

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