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a. Of or relating to an intersection or intersections: Traffic lights are intersectional control systems.
b. Mathematics Of or relating to intersection.
2. Of or relating to intersectionality: "In a 2016 report on how HIV affects Afro-Brazilian females, [she] stressed the need for an intersectional approach to HIV research and health policy" (Angelo C. Louw).

in′ter·sec′tion·al·ly adv.
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This continues our pattern of intersectional competition against premier opponents.
This paper opens the discussion on the need for an intersectional theory, a description of what the theory might look like, and an examination of the academic and policy challenges related to such theorising.
For, as Saskia Sassen has repeatedly argued, the global economy is a transitional category that only becomes meaningful in a process whereby the national and the global are articulated in an intersectional and interstitial relation to each other.
The operative function of the point is described and the relation of fuzzy sets, intersectional graph theory and decision analysis is established.
In Cameroon, the programme will strengthen national capacities in sustainable forestry management and will create a mechanism to coordinate and exchange information on forestry and sustainable livelihood issues (the Intersectional Consultative Forum on Forests).
The second resolution asked for a sponsorship commitment from Amnesty International for a general intersectional conference of all AIMLGC chapters.
held a series of intersectional races that drew large crowds.
It is more difficult to generate intersectional innovation--the type that creates an entirely new field and can drive directional innovation for years to come.
Color illustrated entries various types of bush peonies, intersectional peonies, and tree peonies give info on color, floral form, fragrance, season, height, support, and awards.
Contract awarded for 5010030041 - "improvement of safety conditions in the districts of aveiro and guarda" - en221 - traffic calming measures at the carvalhal crossing between km 174 + 030 and 174 + 650 and ic2 - km 199 + 980 - intersectional geometric reformulation "
Murray, who died in 1985, didn't live to see modern intersectional politics or the trans movement, but it's clear without his impact we never would have either.

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