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The time between two academic sessions or semesters.

in′ter·ses′sion·al adj.


the period between the end of one academic session and the beginning of the next session


(ˈɪn tərˌsɛʃ ən)

a period between two academic terms.
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In just three weeks, students can complete an intro to biology or chemistry lab-only course during Intersession (May 15 to June 1) and then take the next level during the eight-week Summer Session.
We further reiterate the importance of the conclusion of a Comprehensive Convention for Combating International Terrorism, noting the negotiations in the Ad Hoc Committee established by General Assembly Resolution 51/210 of 17 December 1996, for the elaboration of a Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism and the continuing efforts to that end, including during intersession period, and we call upon all States to cooperate in resolving the outstanding issues.
Two way random effects single (1, 2) and average measure (2, 3) model ICC tests were used for intra- and intersession reliability analysis of the COP score measurements, respectively.
Both houses adjourned shortly after obituary references of sitting members and former members who passed away during the intersession period.
En intersession, le Comite permanent des comptes publics s'est reuni trois fois pour etudier des rapports du verificateur general et faire le suivi de recommandations deja formulees sur une multitude de questions, notamment l'education, les resultats scolaires des etudiants autochtones, le Programme des candidats des provinces, l'abandon des soumissions concurrentielles et la gestion des ponts provinciaux.
During a January 2015 intersession trip to Cambodia--as part of Lehigh University's Global Citizenship (GC) Program--Professor Sothy Eng, Graduate Assistant Whitney Szmodis, and I designed, in close collaboration with long-term community partners, a layered SLCE experience to provoke reflection on global service-learning in general and on Lehigh's partnership with Caring for Cambodia (CFC) in particular.
The participants performed under three brace conditions (SB, SRB, NB) in various orders on three separate days, with an intersession interval of at least 24 h and no more than 48 h between tests.
Also having discussed the issue of the displaced with the American side, Minister Bou Saab appealed for US assistance in the educational field saying President Obama's intersession is bound to increase US assistance by 30%.
However, Bonn intersession held some two weeks ago proved to be futile.
The calendar has nine-week academic blocks, followed by three-week intersession breaks.
The animals received 5 days of training with the hidden platform; each day included four training sessions with a 60-s intersession interval.

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