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The time between two academic sessions or semesters.

in′ter·ses′sion·al adj.


the period between the end of one academic session and the beginning of the next session


(ˈɪn tərˌsɛʃ ən)

a period between two academic terms.
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the market is composite, it includes: - a part with global and fixed price which corresponds to the global engineering of the device namely the proposal of organization and articulation of the 3 curricula, the proposals for the intersessions, the modalities of follow-up and evaluation of the general device as well as that the actions of event and communication proposed, - a part with orders placed pursuant to articles 78 and 80 of the aforementioned decree within the following financial limits: over the initial duration of the contract: minimum amount of eur 820 000 (excluding taxes) and with a maximum amount of eur 1 130 000 eur (excluding vat).
Le travail en commission peut continuer au cours des intersessions.
des reunions des comites pendant les intersessions auront lieu en septembre sur les projets de loi du gouvernement qui ont ete adoptes a l'etape de la deuxieme lecture avant le 30 juin 2015;
But summer break lasts four weeks instead of 10, and the two intersessions take place in September and March.
Mettant l'accent sur l'importance du role des mecanismes de suivi intersessions du partenariat afro-arabe,
The organisation of the parliamentary year in the Bundestag in weeks of sessions and intersessions allows full involvement in parliamentary work.
Schools that kept their intersessions eliminated hundreds of course sections.
To help these ``at-risk'' kids, some in danger of repeating grades, McGrath has shortened winter and summer vacations and opened school for special intersessions.
Our popular Intersessions cost $90--much cheaper than day care
Although we usually think of extended time as being after school, during intersessions, or in the summer, it can also be a "double dose" of instruction during the regular school day.
It recognized that intersessions were the ideal time to study the more complex issues that demanded attention and to begin the preparation of appropriate legislation.

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