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1. Existing or occurring between the sexes: intersexual competition.
2. Having anatomical characteristics that are neither typically male nor typically female.
An intersexual person.

in′ter·sex′u·al′i·ty (-ăl′ĭ-tē) n.
in′ter·sex′u·al·ly adv.


1. (Biology) occurring or existing between the sexes
2. (Zoology) relating to or being an intersex
ˌinterˌsexuˈality, ˌinterˈsexualism n
ˌinterˈsexually adv


(ˌɪn tərˈsɛk ʃu əl)

1. existing between the sexes; done or used by both sexes.
2. pertaining to or having the characteristics of an intersex.
in`ter•sex`u•al′i•ty, in`ter•sex′u•al•ism, n.
in`ter•sex′u•al•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.intersexual - existing or occurring between the sexes
sexual - having or involving sex; "sexual reproduction"; "sexual spores"
2.intersexual - having sexual characteristics intermediate between those of male and female
androgynous - having both male and female characteristics
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Serres denounces patriarchal dominance as he extols the virtues of intersexuality in "L'Hermaphrodite," his highly original reading of the Balzac short story made famous by Barthes's S/Z.
However, as Saskia Wieringa discovers in her study of intersexed individuals in Indonesia, the wisdom of not pathologising intersexuality from a social science lens is largely unwelcome within the medical community in both the Netherlands and Indonesia.
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A study by Colombia Diversa, an LGBT-advocacy group in Colombia, identified 73 court rulings favoring gay rights in a wide array of issues: identity rights, freedom of expression rights, serving in the military, intersexuality, sex reassignment, social security, adoption, marriage, etc.
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Alternatively, his negative portrait of the androgynized woman may be seen as participating in the greater cultural anxiety surrounding discourses of hermaphrodism and intersexuality in the period.