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 (ĭn′tər-spĭ-sĭf′ĭk) also in·ter·spe·cies (-spē′shēz)
Arising or occurring between species: interspecific altruism.
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(ˌɪn tərˈspi ʃiz, -siz)

also in•ter•spe•cif•ic

(-spɪˈsɪf ɪk)

existing or occurring between species.
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Adj.1.interspecies - arising or occurring between species; "an interspecific hybrid"
intraspecies, intraspecific - arising or occurring within a species; involving the members of one species; "intraspecific competition"
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According to Elle and Sara, the interspecies pair is inseparable and even when her adopted baby sleeps during the day, Molly stays close by waiting for her new baby to wake up.
She touched the lives of millions and was an icon for interspecies communication and empathy.
Swierz's work combines aspects of poetry, farming, wildcrafting, ecological restoration and interspecies communication.
And he considers factors that affect successful interspecies mating and delves into what keeps species distinct.
Influenza viruses are capable of crossing interspecies barriers, altering antigenic characteristics for adaptation to new hosts (Webster et al., 1992).
Born at the San Francisco Zoo, Koko was loaned to Patterson at the age of 1 for a research project at Stanford University on interspecies communications.
"Koko touched the lives of millions as an ambassador for all gorillas and an icon for interspecies communication and empathy," the foundation said in a statement on its website.
When earth is colonised by alien species the vuvv it becomes part of the interspecies co-prosperity alliance, with the promise to be freed from drudgery and sickness by the alien technology.
The fluid interplay of these roles allowed interspecies communities to move across vast landscapes, dealing with predators and changing climates, protecting and nurturing the herd while keeping massive, gregarious, often aggressive animals together--without the benefit of fences and with very little reliance on restraints.
And without the pressure of survival to provide basic drives, interspecies laws have made virtually everyone a vegetarian.
"Misfits and Bandits" is a great chapter books about the real farm life with real dogs and animals, laced with rollicking humor and interspecies love.