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 (ĭn′tər-spĭ-sĭf′ĭk) also in·ter·spe·cies (-spē′shēz)
Arising or occurring between species: interspecific altruism.
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(ˌɪntəspəˈsɪfɪk) or


(Biology) hybridized from, relating to, or occurring between different species: interspecific competition.
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Adj.1.interspecific - arising or occurring between species; "an interspecific hybrid"
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Protein makes up the largest composition of pollen and has been found to make up approximately 2-60% of the dry mass in hand-collected pollens; this varies interspecifically across vascular plant taxa [21, 52].
The ornamentation pattern can vary interspecifically and can also shift abruptly along the length of the seta, but we did not attempt to quantify this issue (Fig.
Symptoms of the head and neck sympathetic denervation as Horner's syndrome vary intra- and interspecifically in the domestic ungulates, including horse, cow, sheep, and goat (De Lahunta, 1977; Smith & Mayhew, 1977).
Astyanax have presented an extensive diversity in the chromosome number and karyotype formula, both intra- and interspecifically, besides the occurrence of B chromosomes and natural polyploidy for some populations (Malacrida et al., 2003; Gross et al., 2004; Kantek et al., 2007; Peres et al., 2009; Santos et al., 2012).
It appears that the 2 species are morphometrically similar at smaller sizes yet differentiate interspecifically as they age, with the symphyseal knob length (Fig.
However, this finding confirms the need to do pharmacokinetic studies in each species and underlines the challenges of extrapolating drug dosages and frequencies interspecifically. Similarly, a large difference in [t.sub.1/2] has also been reported in 2 closely related tortoise species administered consistent antibiotic doses, illustrating the importance of conducting pharmacokinetic studies for individual species rather than extrapolating doses from data generated in other, potentially less related, species.
Nonetheless, a contact zone may exist, where interspecifically distinct ecological features are transitional.
For Acromyrmex, climatic conditions can explain aspects of the mentioned differences regarding the presence/absence of a mound [18] and dump location either interspecifically (Farji Brener, pers.
Ali, "In vitro analysis of callus induction in interspecifically hybridized F4-5 populations of Brassica," Pakistan Journal of Botany, vol.
Allelopathy is an adaptation plants use to chemically compete with other plants and can occur both interspecifically and intraspecifically.
Consequently, AMOVA revealed that the vast majority of the molecular variance was allocated interspecifically ([[PHI].sub.CT] = 0.98, P = 0.0001), whereas a smaller but nonsignificant fraction occurred between sampling localities within species ([[PHI].sub.SC] = 0.089, P = 0.15).
Alignments obtained with reported rDNA 16S sequences (Genbank) of Klebsiella species showed a high gene similarity interspecifically and intraspecifically.