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Noun1.interspersal - the act of combining one thing at intervals among other things; "the interspersion of illustrations in the text"
compounding, combining, combination - the act of combining things to form a new whole
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VR3 position (10 consecutive (NTP) at CRF then 10 consecutive correct at VR3) NTP + As above but instructor varies eye As above changing eye gaze between student and peer gaze Interspersal As above but verbal discriminative VR3 of Individual stimulus varies between "everybody" and group and named individual.
Furthermore, force dynamic in conjugate schedules may hold clinical utility in the assessment and treatment of automatically reinforced behavior such as stereotypy (Rapp, 2008), because results from the current project suggest the interspersal of LP stimuli in sequences of HP stimuli may be associated with decreased response force.
At the same time, the interspersal of past and present, and of historical and fictional events, as well as the use of multiple characters played by one actor, subvert the urge to apprehend the drama as a confessional or as pure autobiography.
Reducing perceptions of time required to complete math assignments by adding problems to assignments: A synthesis of the additive interspersal research.
This final example shows that the tiered model of intersecting grammaphonemes allows for the interspersal of phonograms with morphograms and syllabograms.
Too much reinforcement, too little behavior: Assessing task interspersal procedures in conjunction with different reinforcement schedules with autistic children.
Improving sixth-grade student's perceptions of high-effort assignments by assigning more work: Interaction of additive interspersal and assignment effort on assignment choice.
The consequence procedure incorporated two pivotal response training strategies, namely, natural consequences (i.e., those functionally related to the target skill), followed by activity interspersal (i.e., easier or previously acquired activities are interspersed among the more challenging target skill) (Koegel et al., 1999).
He provides step-by-step explanations for the components and protocols for hypnosis such as permission, presupposition, splitting, linking and interspersal before describing applications of language, trance indicators, goals and intervention strategies.
Even with the possible interspersal of a comedy such as Measure for Measure, the clustering of tragedies is striking.
Problem behavior may have been reduced with the use of these procedures because the interspersal of easy tasks functions as an abolishing operation reducing the value of escape as a reinforcer.