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Noun1.interstate highway - one of the system of highways linking major cities in the 48 contiguous states of the United States
highway, main road - a major road for any form of motor transport
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According to the report, pavement conditions on both urban and rural interstate highways are deteriorating, with the percentage of urban Interstate mileage in poor condition increasing in 29 of 50 states.
The Interstate 635 LBJ East project involves the "reconstruction and widening of 11 miles of the interstate highway around the north and east of Dallas", which includes the I-30 interchange.
Authors illustrate the outsized traffic load Interstate highways shoulder within the 4.1 million-mile national surface transportation system: One percent of the rights of way, 25 percent of total vehicle miles traveled.
1956: The Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956 is signed into law, establishing the Interstate Highway System.
The TRIP report, "The Interstate Highway System Turns 60: Challenges to Its Ability to Continue to Save Lives, Time and Money," finds that while the Interstate Highway System represents only 2.5 percent of lane miles in the U.S., it carries 25 percent of the nation's vehicle travel.
Federal law currently prohibits the use of tolls on existing interstate highway lanes, with two exceptions.
The M-4 interstate highway ensures communication with Georgia.
Eisenhower's Interstate Highway System, there are huge differences between these programs.
If you think of the Interstate Highway System as a concrete belt, it is currently long enough to wrap around the equator--twice.
Next Generation Air Transportation System, as the program to modernize the US air traffic control system is now known, will revolutionize the airways in the same way that construction of the US interstate highway system changed how people and goods move on the ground, outgoing Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta said Wednesday at a forum on NGATS in Washington.
When Eisenhower became president, other good roads advocates like Bureau of Public Roads chief Thomas MacDonald would persuade Congress to pass the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956, which Eisenhower signed, creating the mechanism for the Interstate Highway System.
Built in the late 1950s, prior to the formation of the interstate highway system, 1-74 is no different than many other parts of the highway grid.

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