interstitial pneumonia

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Noun1.interstitial pneumonia - chronic lung disease affecting the interstitial tissue of the lungs
respiratory disease, respiratory disorder, respiratory illness - a disease affecting the respiratory system
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Conclusion: Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis was found to be the most common interstitial lung disease subtype followed by non-specific interstitial pneumonia, sarcoidosis and connective tissue disease-related-interstitial lung disease.
Of the remaining 63, a pathologic diagnosis of usual interstitial pneumonia (UIP) was favored in 47 (36 with high confidence and 11 with low confidence) and other diagnoses favored in 16, most being nonspecific interstitial pneumonia.
4% lobar pneumonia, interstitial pneumonia, bronchopneumonia and fungal pneumonia put together.
In non-fibrotic interstitial diseases, diagnostic rate was about 50% for Desquamative Interstitial Pneumonia (DIP) and bronchiolitis.
Prognostic value of desaturation during a 6-minute walk test in idiopathic interstitial pneumonia.
Various drugs can lead to virtually all histopathological patterns of interstitial pneumonia, depending on the mechanism of injury and healing.
Clinical significance of the serum surfactant protein D and KL-6 levels in patients with measles complicated by interstitial pneumonia.
Eleven patients with IPF underwent lung biopsy and were histologically diagnosed as usual interstitial pneumonia.
Differential diagnosis included chronic aspiration related interstitial lung disease (ILD), nonspecific interstitial pneumonia (NSIP), idiopathic or secondary to an underlying connective tissue disease, chronic eosinophilic pneumonia, and IPF.
This is also known as acute interstitial pneumonia or Hamman-Rich syndrome [1].

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