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In addition, the interstitial endocrine cells (Leydig cells) in interstitial tissue play role in testosterone synthesis and secretion (Junqueira & Carneiro).
Conclusion: The most common pattern of diffuse large B-cell Non Hodgkin lymphoma infiltration was bone marrow followed by interstitial tissue.
2] D3) in both the seminiferous tubules as well as interstitial tissue in the testis of adult rats and also in human testis together with an increase in receptor level was correlated with testicular maturity that demonstrated the possible effect of vitamin D in testicular function.
The thickening of interstitial tissue septa could be either fine or nodular.
Also Haemorrhagic area (++) in the interstitial tissue was observed.
The shifting of fluid from interstitial tissue or cell to allantoic cavity might have been responsible for dehydration, sunken eyes, dullness and depression in present case (Arthur et al.
Leydig cells were located in the interstitial tissue between the convoluted seminiferous tubules, Leydig cells occur in clusters, which are variable in size (Fig.
There are also changes in the developmental stage of germ cells, and the amount and metabolic activity of the interstitial tissue (DEL CONTE, 1972; WILHOFT, 1963), the changes in this tissue apparently vary inversely with periods of production of germ cells (GOLDBERG, 1970).
Evaluation of the size of the cardiomyocytes, the volume density of glycogen, the interstitial tissue and the myofibril volume fraction