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Relating to or deriving meaning from the interdependent ways in which texts stand in relation to each other.

in′ter·tex′tu·al′i·ty (-ăl′ĭ-tē) n.
in′ter·tex′tu·al·ly adv.


(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) literature deriving meaning from the ways in which texts are interrelated
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His intent is to describe and analyze the intertextual nexus of intersecting sources in order to elucidate implications and critical models for intercultural hermeneutics and intercultural philosophy.
Objective: In cultures with a strong catholic tradition saints represent models of life perfection, Dialectically elaborated by a plurality of subjects and expressed in a thick intertextual network.
In doing so, it establishes with persuasive rigor two important frames of intertextual reference that lead beyond the well-trodden ground of Sebald's literary and theoretical affinities with canonical figures of primarily early twentieth-century writing.
Europe in the Dock: An Intertextual Reading of 'Brodie's Report'.
With local cultural clues, intertextual references and ideological traces, this study may give considerable insights into the constructive power of Sufi poetic discourse and the socio-cultural context.
The Intertextual Division, formerly known as Literary Arts Division, produced Ani 39 as part of the celebration of CCP's 47th anniversary, which will start in September.
Thankfully, Baker's ingenious account focusses on Scott's body of work as a haunting intertextual presence in itself, reappearing in the works of other writers--notably on the shelf of Gideon Mack's study in James Robertson's The Testament of Gideon Mack.
Newness in Old Testament Prophecy: An Intertextual Study
Challenging that order along with the authorial autonomy, critics of post-structualist persuasion diminish the importance of influence as they put author and text in broader context, and particularly as they consider writing as an intertextual practice, in which the author is decentered from the role of text and meaning construction.
Although it helps to know something of the traditional tales, a lack of intertextual understanding will not diminish the reading enjoyment.
Sumado a esto, se plantea la existencia de una unidad intertextual de comunicacion a la que denomina 'Fragmento Comunicativo' (FC).