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intertexture of ordinary feeling, and of feeling not strictly and
The spectator becomes both a genuine receiver (in so far as the story is revealed for him) and an obligatory reference point (because he/she enters within the intertexture of representation).
509-510), Rossetti invokes the laws of Justice and Mercy as the framework in which Aloyse will ultimately be judged and also includes in the poem an instance of "the intimate intertexture of a spiritual sense with a material form" that William Michael identifies as the kernel of the Pre-Raphaelite aesthetic.
Instead, she proposed a process approach labeled "social intertexture," similar to Migdal's state-in-society model.
In this film, the intertexture of the two stories completed the narrative in the following ways: the plot of the first story was actually the remote cause for starting the second story, and interactively, the proceeding of the second story ended old Tomoko's lengthy wait from the first story.
can claim the Iliad as part of the Hellenistic intertexture for interpreting Luke-Acts, but he fails to show that there is anything uniquely in Acts and Homer that can be explained only by literary imitation.
MacDonald is right to claim Iliad 24 as part of the Hellenistic intertexture for depicting prison-escapes.
undulation of the calf, the intertexture of the muscles, the
Ultimately, voice's resonance reveals itself as an integrative unity and presence, informing the expressive potentialities in the intertexture of music and poetry.
Though many readers will be wary of the more polemical aspects of Herbert's book, it adds to our understanding of an important Victorian philosophical tradition and strengthens the case for the intertexture of scientific and political/cultural developments.
The Intertexture of Apocalyptic Discourse in the New Testament.