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Of or being the region between the high tide mark and the low tide mark.

in′ter·tid′al·ly adv.


(Physical Geography) of or relating to the zone of the shore between the high-water mark and low-water mark


(ˌɪn tərˈtaɪd l)

of or pertaining to the littoral region that is above the low-water mark and below the high-water mark.
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Adj.1.intertidal - of or relating to the littoral area above the low-tide mark
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Dimly I could see the intertidal creatures darting away from my feet.
Marsol has worked with various partners to develop multipurpose tools and equipment which offer functionality and versatility resulting from the company's experience in developing specialist diver-operated equipment, capable of work in dry areas, the intertidal zone and subsea, it added.
Field surveys at sites characteristic of adult Asian shore crab habitat in July 2013 revealed the presence of adult crabs inhabiting two rocky intertidal areas in the upper bay.
In place of the land traditionally used for livestock, they are hoping to create 39 hectares (almost 100 acres) of intertidal saltmarsh habitat to provide a sustainable habitat for birds and wildlife.
The intertidal region forms a narrow band along the interface of all land mass and oceanic bodies (Lubke & De Moor 1998), stretching for approximately 594 000 km globally, a total of 8% of the Earth's surface (Paetzold et al.
Heptacyclus buthi was harvested from fish hosts in rocky intertidal zones of Sonoma and Marin Counties, California in 2008 (N = 162) and 2010 (N = 51).
The site lies in the intertidal zone to the south of Bamburgh Castle and is only exposed for roughly one hour either side of low-water slack.
Dr Andy Kwarteng, Director of the Remote Sensing and GIS Centre at SQU and principal investigator of this project, said that the undisturbed intertidal ecosystem of Bar Al Hikman, about 500km south of Muscat, harbours a possible keystone predator, the crab plover (Dromas ardeola) that potentially affects two contrasting ecosystem engineers, seagrasses and crabs.
Geologists, said the speaker, divide the coastal area into supratidal sabkha, intertidal where the microbial mats otherwise known as stromatolites occur, and lowermost intertidal to shallow subtidal which includes shallow lagoon and tidal-channel belts.
In sections on the ocean environment, marine organisms, marine ecosystems, and humans and the sea, they consider such topics as the geology of the ocean, multicellular primary producers, marine reptiles and birds, intertidal communities, and oceans in jeopardy.
The report into the state of the Severn coast says more than three-quarters of the intertidal area of the estuary could be lost over the next century.
The newly enacted National Heritage Laws are now being called upon to offer protection for dinosaur track ways along the Dampier Peninsular intertidal zone.