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Of or being the region between the high tide mark and the low tide mark.

in′ter·tid′al·ly adv.
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(Physical Geography) of or relating to the zone of the shore between the high-water mark and low-water mark
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(ˌɪn tərˈtaɪd l)

of or pertaining to the littoral region that is above the low-water mark and below the high-water mark.
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Adj.1.intertidal - of or relating to the littoral area above the low-tide mark
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Dimly I could see the intertidal creatures darting away from my feet.
(Shanghai Stock Exchange: 601558) is the first Chinese high-tech enterprise to have specialized in the independent development, design, manufacturing and sale of large-scale onshore, offshore and intertidal wind turbines, which are adaptable to a variety of global environmental conditions and wind resources.
The discovery was made by a group of researchers commissioned by the Kinmen National Park administrative office in 2016 to investigate organisms inhabiting the intertidal zone of Leiyu, said the Office.
ceratodes in the northern Chilean coast to spite to collect intertidal ascidians between Iquique and Antofagasta (Stations 129, 131, 133 and 159 sampled during Lund University Chile Expedition 1948-1949).
The Scottish Coastal Archaeology and the Problem of Erosion Trust said: "The site at Lionacleit is extra special because there is also evidence of archaeological remains in the intertidal zone."
With my background in biology, I'm intrigued by intertidal habitats, partly described in the opening lines of Edna St.
The company says SeaShield systems provide long-term corrosion control for steel, concrete and timber structures in the splash and intertidal zones and they accommodates piles (such as at Falmouth ) with cylindrical, hexagonal, square and H cross sections.
The lithofacies analysis suggests shallow marine to intertidal environment for the Dandot Formation.
As an occupant of intertidal and subtidal soft substrates from Alaska to Baja California (Andersen 1971, Goodwin & Pease 1987), this clam is one of the largest burrowing bivalves in the world.
At present, our knowledge about the arsenic (As) cycles and species in marine sediments, especially in intertidal sediments, is limited.
Holothuria leucospilota is commonly found at the edge of reef flat shore in the intertidal area, where it occupies tidal pool with the depths ranging from several centimetres to a half metre or being fully exposed [4].