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Of or being the region between the high tide mark and the low tide mark.

in′ter·tid′al·ly adv.
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in an intertidal manner
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Egg masses of the opisthobranch gastropods Melanochlamys diomedea (Bergh, 1894) and Haminoea vesicula (Gould, 1855) were collected intertidally and kept at room temperature until hatching.
Seawater and air temperature were monitored at each site at hourly intervals using two intertidally deployed DST CT data loggers (Star-Oddi, Iceland), and data were downloaded using the SeaStar application software (Star-Oddi).
This species inhabits intertidally in sandy beaches, as well as subtidally in silty sand, silty shell gravel and mud (Worsaae, 2014).
Strong abrasion of the arthrodire specimen PIN 2921/3269 from Voskresenskoye as well as pebbling of ostracods valves, position of some shells inside the others and concentration of fossils within a thin layer suggest that the sedimentation of this particular layer occurred in the extremely shallow-water conditions with active hydrodynamics, probably intertidally.
Among hydroids, few species occur intertidally, and even fewer species tolerate air exposure (e.g., Halecium beanii, H.
Intertidally we focused on pools, the under-rock microhabitats supporting the sessile prey of nudibranchs, and green macro-algae known to support sacoglossan sea slugs.
In Puget Sound, however, Sand Lance spawn intertidally between November and February and egg development occurs in about 1 mo (Penttila 1995).
44): Eastern Cape, South Africa; from the border with KwaZulu-Natal, south and west to the Port Elizabeth area; empty shells from beach drift to -500 m; living intertidally (under rocks), or subtidally on firm substrata to -115 m.
During boat trips up the Tutakoke and Kashunuk rivers, we observed an increase in the numbers of sandpipers using the intertidally exposed mud banks during early to mid September, although counts were highly variable (Fig.
The horse mussel, Modiolus modiolus (Linnaeus 1857), is circum-boreally distributed in the northern hemisphere occurring intertidally to depths greater than 200 m (Jasmin and Brand 1989).
Herring lay adhesive eggs intertidally and subtidally on rocks, algae, aquatic plants, pier pilings, and other substrates (Alderdice and Velsen, 1971; Hay, 1985).
Comparative survival and growth rates of hard clams Mercenaria mercenaria, planted in trays subtidally and intertidally at varying densities in a South Carolina estuary.