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A printed narration or portion of dialogue flashed on the screen between the scenes of a silent film.
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Opening with the movie's lone intertitle, which begins, "It is not a dream but rather the whole world of images ..." La coquille coheres as a series of potent symbols (cockles, skeleton keys, mirrored orbs, bared breasts) deployed to advance the scenario of an enfeebled priest overthrowing a stout brigadier general in order to claim the woman he lusts after.
Rothschilds opens with an intertitle telling us that the film--based on historical fact--takes place in the year 1806.
The actor, whose most recent projects have mainly been in Chinese, will also produce the film along with Talent International Media Group's Esmond Ren and InterTitle Films' David Gerson.
Munitions workers are even thanked in an intertitle. As one journalist noted, '[m]uch of the film is active and pleasant, in, as it were, the ante-rooms of battle.
Like the Films d'art productions, these early films were one or two reels long and included few principal scenes of the story; one scene (or a "picture" ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII])) usually consisted of one static shot that was set up in a manner reminiscent of a theater stage and introduced with an expository intertitle. As for their content, most were adaptations of either Russian history or nineteenth century Russian classics.
The use of linen scrolls can be seen to anticipate the cinematic intertitle, and as Buchanan notes, the effect of the dialogue scrolls in each case was remarkably similar:
The result, as an intertitle makes clear, is "At the Indians' stronghold, the Chief plans vengeance." The initial white attack is therefore used as motivation for the film's climatic revenge attack on a settler wagon train.
'They have these moving, intertitle captions saying Leaving Liverpool and Approaching Llandudno.
With the introductory intertitle, Nass River Indians promptly announces itself as a "screen recording of the vanishing culture, the rites and songs and dances of the Indians along the Canadian Pacific Coast, North of Vancouver" (NRI).
From a narrative point of view, after a brief opening sequence showing Lola in her stage costume (table 1), Dulac inserts an intertitle, the function of which is to establish a relation between the title La Belle Dame sans merci and Lola: "[n]ombreux sont les hommes que Lola fit souffrir.