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tr. & intr.v. in·ter·twined, in·ter·twin·ing, in·ter·twines
To join or become joined by twining together.

in′ter·twine′ment n.
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an act of union by twisting or twining together
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Its history cannot be told without intertwining it with the lives of distinguished men and the great events that have befallen the country."
Black was the darkness which fell wide and dense from the summits of the intertwining trees.
His love for his young wife might prove the stronger of the two; but it could only be by intertwining itself with his love of science, and uniting the strength of the latter to his own.
And intertwining with one another, they quickly grew and covered all the wild-roving cattle by the will of thievish Hermes, so that Apollo was astonished as he gazed.
These intertwining plots carry us through the school year to a triumphant and dramatic wedding.
The topics include differential forms and the Hodge Laplacian on Hn; Bargmann representations and sections of homogeneous bundles; core, domains, and self-adjount extensions, first properties of deltak exact and closed forms; intertwining operators and different scalar forms for deltak; unitary intertwining operators and projections, Lp-multipliers; and applications.
INTERTWINING lives in a bustling city is the focus of a film being screened at Bahrain Cinema Club, Juffair tonight.
New York, Sep 15 (ANI): 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' alum Danielle Staub has said that she will reveal the truth about her relationship with alleged girlfriend Lori Michaels on two new intertwining spinoff shows.
But, of course, Gemma sees some parallels, and the mysteries of the intertwining lives of the victims and the Kincaid relatives are unraveled.
The novel is written in an intertwining style, which Frost explains in her notes to the reader.
The plot twists and revelations, the accurate historical details of costume and set designs, the spectacular scenery, the incredible suspense and impressive battle sequences, and the intertwining themes of loyalty, honor, and vengeance on the part of both sides in the conflict, make Beowulf & Grendel a very strong and entertaining contribution to personal and community library DVD movie collections.