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 (ĭn′tər-vəl, -vāl′)
n. New England
A tract of low-lying land, especially along a river.

[Variant (influenced by vale) of interval.]


(ˈɪn tərˌveɪl)

n. Chiefly New Eng.
a low-lying tract of land along a river.
[alter. of interval, taken by folk etym. as inter- + vale]
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18 January 2018 - Texas, US-based energy-focussed investment firm Intervale Capital has acquired a majority stake in Oklahoma, US-based drilling and completion bits manufacturer PDC Logic, the company said.
A new mortgage of $1,530,000 was placed on a four-story, eight-unit multifamily property located on Intervale Place in Yonkers, NY.
Intervale Capital has made a growth equity investment in Dynacorp Energy Services as part of a broad recapitalization of the firm, the company said.
One of the most popular m-payment services is MyPaykz; launched in 2011 by Halyk Bank and e-commerce firm Intervale, its popularity is growing.
Its vibrant local food system is central to the city, and at the heart of that food system is the Intervale Center.
One of their neighbors, the Intervale Community Farm Cooperative, is organized as a consumer co-op that hires farmers to grow produce for 500 families in the Burlington area.
From Moishe Sacks, a retired baker and the unofficial rabbi of the Intervale Jewish Center, the last synagogue remaining in the South Bronx: "Death doesn't matter to me.
Statybines atitvarines konstrukcijos visada nagrinejamos dazniu intervale, prasidedanciame bent nuo 100 Hz (arba dabar vis dazniau ir isplestame diapazone nuo 50 Hz) iki bendruoju atveju 3150 Hz (arba iki 5000 Hz), ir butina atsizvelgti i atsirandanciu lankstymo bangu poveiki garso perdavimui (Gerretsen 1986).
Once a thriving synagogue and Jewish community center known as Intervale, the building is now in ruins, its front covered in graffiti and obscured by scaffolding.
The company said that the cell site covers the area along Interstate 287 from Route 202 east to Smith Road and south from E Halsey Road North to Intervale Road.
096 quantifiable intervale IL-2 Manufacturer's 2500-0.