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intr.v. in·ter·vened, in·ter·ven·ing, in·ter·venes
a. To involve oneself in a situation so as to alter or hinder an action or development: "Every gardener faces choices about how and how much to intervene in nature's processes" (Dora Galitzki).
b. To interfere, usually through force or threat of force, in the affairs of another nation.
c. Law To enter into a lawsuit as a third party to assert a claim against one or both of the existing parties.
2. To come, appear, or lie between two things: You can't see the lake from there because the house intervenes.
3. To come or occur between two periods or points of time: A year intervened between the two dynasties.
4. To occur as an extraneous or unplanned circumstance: He would have his degree by now if his laziness hadn't intervened.

[Latin intervenīre : inter-, inter- + venīre, to come; see gwā- in Indo-European roots.]

in′ter·ve′nor, in′ter·ven′er n.
in′ter·ven′tion·al adj.


nVermittler(in) m(f); (Jur) → Nebenintervenient(in) m(f)
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BAMN served as a co-defendant intervener in Grutter v.
Judge Canova allowed the arbitration to proceed, but also said the CTNT, an intervener in the lawsuit, could also proceed with its case.
Mr Edwards added: "The intervener was trying to stop Michael McCarthy from attacking Mr Faulkner.
Despite the universality of crisis provoking events, culture plays a strong role in how crisis is interpreted, both for the crisis intervener and the crisis victim (Pederson, 1987).
The entire clinical consultation is an isomorph for the intervener as cultural change agent.
In the improbable situation that one of the three currency zones wished to appreciate its currency against the other two, and neither of the other two would agree to coordinate on that direction of intervention, they could combine reserves to sell on the market (in all likelihood, they could expect the market to join them in opposing the appreciation, for the unilateral intervener could only strengthen its currency to the extent it had foreign exchange reserves with which to buy up its own currency).
The request for intervener status suggested that, in a debate that is too often characterized as pitting people of faith against each other on secular equality values, the Supreme Court needed to hear the perspective of a mainline Christian church that sees same-sex marriage and opposite-sex couples as being equal in the eyes of God.
Intervener status would allow the groups to make submissions to the Supreme Court countering Monsanto's arguments.
The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada and the Canadian Council of Churches were granted intervener status this week in a Supreme Court of Canada case that will decide whether the creators of the mouse can obtain a patent to a higher life form.
In this regard, one path to follow (a path for which a numerical value could not be provided) might be each individual intervener's involvement in a particular project.
For example, military intervention requires an asymmetry in power between the intervener and the target state.
In the market, the intervener is of no greater intelligence than the creatures populating the system, and of substantially lesser intelligence than the system as a whole.