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1. A formal meeting in person, especially one arranged for the assessment of the qualifications of an applicant.
a. A conversation, such as one conducted by a reporter, in which facts or statements are elicited from another.
b. An account or a reproduction of such a conversation.
3. Informal An interviewee: an actor who was a tough interview.
v. in·ter·viewed, in·ter·view·ing, in·ter·views
To obtain an interview from.
To have an interview: interviewed with a publishing company.

[French entrevue, from Old French, from feminine past participle of entrevoir, to see : entre-, between (from Latin inter-; see inter-) + voir, to see (from Latin vidēre; see weid- in Indo-European roots).]

in′ter·view′a·ble adj.
in′ter·view·ee′ n.
in′ter·view′er n.
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For the purpose of this study however, due to previous findings in research, the researcher was particularly interested in interviewing the mothers of the participants.
Two case studies are used to illustrate the importance of cultural sensitivity in successful interviewing.
In addition to interviewing McLaren, Colletti has also interviewed Atlanta special assistant Jim Fregosi, who has managed four teams over a 14-year managing career.
8) Further, they recommended using an NCAVC Behavioral Assessment Questionnaire when interviewing some of Spangler's associates.
For the success of the project, it was imperative that student interviewers understood how an oral history interview deviates from other kinds of interviews, that they practiced interviewing techniques, and that the students considered their obligations to the community partner and to the interviewees.
This procedure (called "calibration" or "norming") is vital when an antifraud expert is interviewing someone whose truthfulness is in question.
5) The changing discourse about southern textile workers that these two projects addressed accounts for differences in interpretive strategy, in cultural politics, in dominant metaphors, and in interviewing techniques in each collection of interviews.
Editor's note: This column is a follow-up to an earlier column by Mary Frances Lyons: "Winning the Interviewing Game.
The standard training manual on witness interviewing distributed to all police officers in England and Wales also includes a section on how to conduct a cognitive interview.
Behavior-based interviewing (BBI) helps to identify the right kind of tax professional for an organization.
Interviewing Wright for the Daily Worker in 1938, Marcia Minor noticed Wright's "boyish charm" and "mirth" (18).
It is inconceivable that a woman now in the public eye was not given at least a short course in interviewing techniques prior to a session with one of the most noted journalists in the U.