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Occurring between vowels.
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(Phonetics & Phonology) pronounced or situated between vowels
ˌintervoˈcalically adv
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(ˌɪn tər voʊˈkæl ɪk)

(usu. of a consonant) immediately following a vowel and preceding a vowel, as the v in cover.
in`ter•vo•cal′i•cal•ly, adv.
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Based on this principle, intervocalic consonants are maximally assigned to the onsets of syllables in conformity with universal and language-specific conditions.
waga 'prow of canoe.' This is phonetically [wak:a] due to fortition and lengthening of intervocalic stops common in Pama-Nyungan languages.
Ultrasound images related to the production of logatome involving the coronal liquids (/l/ - [a'la] and /r/--[a'ra]) and coronal fricatives (/s/--[a'sa] e /f/ [a'/a]), in the intervocalic context of the vowel /a/, of 20 adults, Brazilian Portuguese speakers, monolingual, with typical speech production in the 20-30 age (10 men and 10 women).
(g) Nasals Intervocalic plosives > Prevocalic plosives > Postvocalic plosives (example: compare [aba] with [ba] with [ab].
54-94% of fully plus partially voiced intervocalic stops and h in spontaneous speech on pp.
Presence or lack of intervocalic voicing of voiceless consonants doesn't differentiate UK accents, social classes or the sexes.
The LFC suggests a rhotic pronunciation of English, as well as avoiding "t-tapping"--characteristic of, for example, some varieties of American English where an intervocalic /t/ is realized as a tap /[??]/.
doubtful whether intervocalic alef was pronounced at all in DSS
Note that *-y- became -z- regularly in intervocalic position.