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v. in·ter·wove (-wōv′), in·ter·wo·ven (-wō′vən), inter·weav·ing, inter·weaves
1. To weave together.
2. To blend together; intermix.
To intertwine.
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Some would hang around the necks, or rather on the breasts of their horses, the most precious ornaments they had obtained from the white men; others interwove feathers in their manes and tails.
He was a pleasant, earnest speaker, and he interwove his discourse with stories of life in a foreign land,--of the manners, the customs, the speech, the point of view; even giving glimpses of the daily round, the common task, of his own household, the work of his devoted helpmate and their little group of children, all born under Syrian skies.
In the 1540s a new guiding light for the order had emerged: the "Divine Mother" Paola Antonia Negri, who interwove the spiritual power stemming from ecstatic visions with more dangerous claims to authority over Barnabite priests.