intestinal flu

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Noun1.intestinal flu - inflammation of the stomach and intestinesintestinal flu - inflammation of the stomach and intestines; can be caused by Salmonella enteritidis
inflammatory disease - a disease characterized by inflammation
cholera infantum - often fatal form of gastroenteritis occurring in children; not true cholera but having similar symptoms
cholera morbus, collywobbles - severe gastroenteritis of unknown etiology; characterized by severe colic and vomiting and diarrhea
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The worst was hiking four days into the Mount Everest adventure only to be struck with intestinal flu. Just the smell of food made Harris nauseous.
IDPs leader in the camp, Sheikh Mohamed Ahmed, told Sudan Tribune they had noted an increase in Intestinal flu among the camp residents, in particular among children and elders.
Q: Last week, I had diarrhea, which our company doctor diagnosed as intestinal flu. I got well after two days without any medications but with liberal fluid intake.
The gluten article I am thankful for as I just discovered that the terrible intestinal flu symptoms 24 hours a day were caused by gluten.