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Noun1.intifadah - an uprising by Palestinian Arabs (in both the Gaza Strip and the West Bank) against Israel in the late 1980s and again in 2000; "the first intifada ended when Israel granted limited autonomy to the Palestine National Authority in 1993"
insurrection, revolt, uprising, rising, rebellion - organized opposition to authority; a conflict in which one faction tries to wrest control from another
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In the February the then Chairman of Pakistan's National Assembly's Foreign Affairs Committee Sardar Awais Ahmad Khan Leghari also visited Iran to attend sixth conference on Supporting Palestinian Intifadah (Uprising) in Tehran.
On the final straight, Harry Bentley moved Jassim Mohamed Ghazali-trained Rassan up ahead on the outside, with AJS Intifadah in pursuit.
Over the regional situation, Speaker Berri expressed concern over division plots aimed against Iraq and Syria, while praising the Palestinian people's intifadah in al-Aqsa Mosque and Jerusalem, stressing on Palestinian unity.
Marching on and around Temple Mount, they chanted cheerful slogans like "We will sacrifice our lives for al-Aqsa," "We will die as martyrs," "There's going to be another Intifadah," and "There's nothing like killing soldiers.
In the first division of the mile handicap, the top weight Intifadah can build on a solid fourth in a useful Killarney handicap last month.
The mile handicap is divided, with Intifadah of considerable intrigue in the first and Punches Pious a speculative alternative.
The graph on the next page shows that while other countries were adversely affected by the worldwide financial crisis, Israel's economy was adversely affected in addition by the second intifadah.
14) Abu Mus'ab al-Wadud, "In Support of the Intifadah of our People in Tunisia," al-Andalus Media, January 13, 2011.
Dichter, left to deal with the violent repercussions of the intifadah, initiated Israel's policy of targeted assassinations of Palestinian terrorist leaders.
Forming the first women's team in Palestine was not a walk in the park, especially while growing up in the Intifadah years, when she saw the occupation up close and personal.
Muscat, Oct 1 (ONA) A delegation from Majlis A'Shura left here today heading for the Islamic Republic of Iran to take part in the 5th International Conference for Supporting the Palestinian Intifadah (uprising), due to be held in Tehran on October 1st-2nd.
In his account of the Muslim tradition of nonviolence, Imad Ad-Dean Ahmad mobilizes illustrative moments from Muslim history such as the first Intifadah, as well as extracts from the Qur'an and the Hadiths, and compares them to American ideologies of nonviolence such as the civil rights movement's strategies and Henry David Thoreau's writings.