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n. pl. in·ti·mae (-mē′) or in·ti·mas Anatomy
The innermost membrane of an organ or part, especially the inner lining of a lymphatic vessel, an artery, or a vein.

[Latin, from feminine of intimus, innermost; see en in Indo-European roots.]

in′ti·mal adj.
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Adj.1.intimal - of or relating to the intima
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a. íntimal, rel. a la íntima.
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Two pathogenic mechanisms of SCAD have been described: (i) the intimal tear hypothesis, whereby an interruption in the intimalluminal interface forms an entry point for intramural haematoma accumulation inside the false lumen, leading to separation of the arterial wall; and (ii) the medial haemorrhage hypothesis that postulates that bleeding into the arterial wall due to spontaneous rupture of the vasovasorum is the primary pathogenic mechanism.
Cuantificacion de lesiones ateroescleroticas en aorta: Luego de la fijacion, las aortas completas fueron coloreadas con Sudan IV para evidenciar depositos lipidicos en el estrato intimal. La superficie endotelial fue fotografiada y las imagenes digitales procesadas con el software ImageJ version 1.47n (U.S.
Jue Zhang, lead author, said widely used growth factors for producing smooth muscle cells from stem cells can also cause intimal hyperplasia, one of the most common reasons a bypass graft fails.
Jue Zhang, the lead author of the research, says that widely used growth factors for producing smooth muscle cells from stem cells can also cause intimal hyperplasia, one of the most common reasons a bypass graft fails.
Anna Hackett, 33, was diagnosed with intimal sarcoma - an extremely rare condition which affects one in 10 million.
The signs to look for on CTA are expansion of the dissected artery, an abnormal vessel contour, narrowed eccentric lumen surrounded by a crescent-shaped mural thrombus, and thin annular enhancement which represents vasa vasorum enhancement in the adventitia, an intimal flap, and a dissecting aneurysm.
In only two cases complete carotid thrombosis and occlusion were detected as well as one case of partial thrombosis and distal intimal flap.
This DCB adopts a patented coating technology called PACCOCATH, wherein the paclitaxel and iopromide mixed matrix is evenly coated on the distal balloon of the traditional PTCA catheter so that the bioavailability of paclitaxel is greatly improved, the contact area of the drug and the arterial wall is increased, the attraction between the drug molecules is weakened, and the cell proliferation and vascular intimal hyperplasia are effectively suppressed.
Intimal thickness (I1 and I2) was likewise measured on either side of the short axis of the vessel from IEL to vascular lumen (Figure 2, D).
Specifically, the creation of an intimal flap in the aortic wall is a rarely defined complication after neonatal TBAV.
Its unique mechanical properties is designed to target the underlying factors leading to vein graft disease, disturbed flow pattern, high wall tension and in particular, progression of vein graft disease (intimal hyperplasia).
Intimal sarcoma is a rare mesenchymal malignancy arising in the intimal layer of the aorta or pulmonary artery and predominantly shows intraluminal growth [1].