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The innermost wall of a spore or pollen grain.

[German, from Latin intus, within; see en in Indo-European roots.]
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(ˈɪntɪn; -tiːn; -taɪn)
(Botany) the inner wall of a pollen grain or a spore. Compare exine
[C19: from Latin intimus innermost + -ine1]
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(ˈɪn tin, -taɪn)

the inner coat of a spore, as a pollen grain.
[1825–35; < Latin int(us) within + -ine2]
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An important aspect of pollen nutrition is its digestibility by different bee species because of its hard, structural exterior (pollenkitt) and interior (intine).
After the examination of each species, measurements were done for colpus length and thickness, pore length and thickness, pollen shape, exine thickness, intine thickness, polar axis length, equatorial axis length of pollen.
In contrast, the pollen inner wall called intine, that covers the protoplasm, is delicate with low resistance, composed of cellulose and pectin.
Intine, "Parp inhibition prevents ten-eleven translocase enzyme activation and hyperglycemia-induced DNA demethylation," Diabetes, vol.
Also, Mert (2009) investigated the pollen length pollen width intine and exine thickness of six cornelian cherry (Cornus mas L.) cultivars.
Thick and hard extine with spike and deposit of sporopollenin began to grow from the outside of the thin and soft intine. Twenty days after flower budding, pollen maturated with light yellow color and spherical shape (Fig.
Comparando iconografia de arte rupestre con disenos plasmados en objetos muebles, se han identificado varios sitios en los valles de Lluta (Intine), Azapa (Las Animas, Cerro Chuno), Vitor (La Ladera, Ofragia 1, Alero Cruz del Siglo, Cerro Blanco 1,) y Camarones (Huancarane-1, Cochiza, Conanoxa E-7, Taltape-2) (Figura 1).
Pollen grains possessing a much-reduced exine and elaborated intine (omniaperturate and/or exineless) are known to occur in 54 families of angiosperms and are nearly ubiquitous in Zingiberales (Kress, 1986).
Three different electron- dense layers form the pollen grain wall: ectexine with interrupted tectum, columellae and foot layer; endexine and intine still in formation.
Si tenga presente, intine, che agli studenti e stato chiarito esplicitamente che il lavoro non sarebbe stato sottoposto a verifica formale, (6) ne avrebbe influito sul voto finale del corso.
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