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v. in·toned, in·ton·ing, in·tones
1. To recite in a singing tone.
2. To utter in a monotone.
1. To speak with a singing tone or with a particular intonation.
2. Music To sing a plainsong intonation.

[Middle English entonen, from Old French entoner, from Medieval Latin intonāre : Latin in-, in; see in-2 + Latin tonus, tone; see tone.]

in·tone′ment n.
in·ton′er n.
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1. to utter, recite, or sing (a chant, prayer, etc) in a monotonous or incantatory tone
2. (intr) to speak with a particular or characteristic intonation or tone
3. (Classical Music) to sing (the opening phrase of a psalm, etc) in plainsong
[C15: from Medieval Latin intonare, from in-2 + tone]
inˈtoner n
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v. -toned, -ton•ing. v.t.
1. to utter with a particular tone or voice modulation.
2. to give tone or variety of tone to; vocalize.
3. to utter in a singing voice (the first tones of a section in a liturgical service).
4. to recite or chant in monotone.
5. to speak or recite in a singing voice, esp. in monotone; chant.
[1475–85; earlier entone < Middle French entoner < Medieval Latin intonāre]
in•ton′er, n.
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Past participle: intoned
Gerund: intoning

I intone
you intone
he/she/it intones
we intone
you intone
they intone
I intoned
you intoned
he/she/it intoned
we intoned
you intoned
they intoned
Present Continuous
I am intoning
you are intoning
he/she/it is intoning
we are intoning
you are intoning
they are intoning
Present Perfect
I have intoned
you have intoned
he/she/it has intoned
we have intoned
you have intoned
they have intoned
Past Continuous
I was intoning
you were intoning
he/she/it was intoning
we were intoning
you were intoning
they were intoning
Past Perfect
I had intoned
you had intoned
he/she/it had intoned
we had intoned
you had intoned
they had intoned
I will intone
you will intone
he/she/it will intone
we will intone
you will intone
they will intone
Future Perfect
I will have intoned
you will have intoned
he/she/it will have intoned
we will have intoned
you will have intoned
they will have intoned
Future Continuous
I will be intoning
you will be intoning
he/she/it will be intoning
we will be intoning
you will be intoning
they will be intoning
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been intoning
you have been intoning
he/she/it has been intoning
we have been intoning
you have been intoning
they have been intoning
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been intoning
you will have been intoning
he/she/it will have been intoning
we will have been intoning
you will have been intoning
they will have been intoning
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been intoning
you had been intoning
he/she/it had been intoning
we had been intoning
you had been intoning
they had been intoning
I would intone
you would intone
he/she/it would intone
we would intone
you would intone
they would intone
Past Conditional
I would have intoned
you would have intoned
he/she/it would have intoned
we would have intoned
you would have intoned
they would have intoned
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Verb1.intone - utter monotonously and repetitively and rhythmically; "The students chanted the same slogan over and over again"
mouth, speak, talk, verbalise, verbalize, utter - express in speech; "She talks a lot of nonsense"; "This depressed patient does not verbalize"
2.intone - recite with musical intonation; recite as a chant or a psalm; "The rabbi chanted a prayer"
singsong - speak, chant, or declaim in a singsong
sing - produce tones with the voice; "She was singing while she was cooking"; "My brother sings very well"
3.intone - speak carefully, as with rising and falling pitch or in a particular tone; "please intonate with sadness"
pronounce, label, judge - pronounce judgment on; "They labeled him unfit to work here"
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verb chant, sing, recite, croon, intonate He quietly intoned several prayers.
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[ɪnˈtəʊn] VTentonar (Rel) → salmodiar
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References in classic literature ?
As another poet has said of him, "Ben as a rule--a rule which is proved by the exception--was one of the singers who could not sing; though, like Dryden, he could intone most admirably."*
I heard the eight singers of the King of Sicily intone the first verse of seven o'clock mass in the Sainte-Chapelle."
Serena 6 Around; All is Love 5 Surrey; tine, ties, tension, tennis, stein, stains, 4 Yellow; 3 Lakes; Great 2 Genius; 1 stain, sits, site, sins, sine, siesta, sienna, satin, saint, oasis, noise, nine, Quiz: nation, iota, intones, intone, into, inset, winners.
The company also distributes InTone, an innovative, non-invasive device used for the in-home treatment of urinary incontinence, or bladder leakage.
The InTone system for moderate to severe incontinence combines muscle stimulation with pelvic-floor exercises.
Huddled fighters intone the song-cum-slogan as a battle cry before mounting military operations against Syrian army forces.
Those elected to serve us seem to intone the monotonous chant me, me ,me!
Elsewhere in the building, Christian Norberg-Schulz would intone his theories.
It was once believed that if you listened in the porch of a church on the night of October 31, you would hear an invisible spirit intone the names of any parishioners destined to die during the coming 12 months.
"Well," Nealon would intone, "where you want to go isn't on this map.
Remain constantly alert to the infectious diseases, our modern prophets intone, remember that Nature is more violent than Man, and that Nature often uses Man to do her murderous bidding ...
Gaudebo - word breathed out in a dream In the lovely Latin which survives Although lost to all of our schools Let us rejoice at the Lord's altar Intone Racine or an old catechism Gaudebo for that child in wooden clogs Coming across the plain where the wind sweeps The truant snow whose only alphabet Is the planet's bruises and wounds Gaudebo for on the garden path In the world without end of June He received the sacrament of dawn: For the sole orbit of his eyes, the night Gathered up stars, frozen but Beating hearts, and, embracing the seasons The river spoke in vowels rubbed raw Against the raucous ivory of the rocks How much time had to pass for that scorched Throat blocked with stones to break loose!