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More potent intoxicants these than any that need licenses for their purveyance, responsible-- see the poets--for no end of human foolishness.
The waiter glanced in with the disgusted look of the man who serves intoxicants for the man who takes too much of them.
Angelo less cordially, since he disliked crowds, and did not drink the powerful intoxicants of America.
The fever of the game flamed in her cheeks and eves, and it got into her blood and into her brain like an intoxicant. People turned their heads to look at her, and more than one lent an attentive car to her utterances, hoping thereby to secure the elusive but ever-desired "tip." Arobin caught the contagion of excitement which drew him to Edna like a magnet.
Professor Erlin prided himself on his skill in preparing this mild intoxicant, and after supper the large bowl of hock and soda, with scented herbs floating in it and wild strawberries, was placed with solemnity on the round table in the drawing-room.
There were some who drank it in as if it were an intoxicant; there were others who put their handkerchiefs to their faces.
RAHIM YAR KHAN -- Police on Friday arrested three members of a gang involved in kidnapping schoolboys, raping them after administering them intoxicants and making videos of their crime for blackmail.
The consumption of these intoxicants is creating large number of diseases which are vastly dangerous to our health.
"All forms of intoxicants, whether in liquid form such as alcohol, or whether they be smoked, ingested or even injected, are bad.
After consuming intoxicants, he phoned his sister at her home on February 16 and told her he was coming up from Perth where he had been working.
Someone served them with some sort of intoxicants due to which they fell unconscious.