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Within arteries or an artery: an intra-arterial injection.

in′tra-ar·te′ri·al·ly adv.
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Additionally, the continuous intra-arterial chemotherapy treatment to cure breast cancer has been associated with damage to eyelashes, which in turn has underpinned demand for relevant care products, thereby driving demand for eyelashes enhancing agents market.
Ten (52.6%) eyes received intravitreal melphalan injections and 3 (15.8%) eyes received intra-arterial melphalan injections.
At their discretion, the Premier members will access Guerbet LLC USA's microcatheters, which offer optimal intra-arterial navigation to interventionalists and provide novel solutions to further enhance and secure embolisation procedures.
For the treatment of retinoblastoma, intra-arterial chemotherapy technology is being developed to help benefit our patients.
[2] In 1999, the PROACT II (Prolyse in Acute Cerebral Thromboembolism II) trial demonstrated the efficacy of intra-arterial pro-urokinase for proven middle cerebral artery occlusion.
Liver metastases from melanoma: Hepatic intra-arterial chemotherapy.
To prevent thrombosis and spasm, intra-arterial cocktail comprising of 3000-5000 units of unfractionated heparin, 2.5-5 mg of diltiazem, and 100-200 ug of nitro-glycerine was administered.
Currently, intra-arterial thrombectomy (IAT) for large vessel occlusion (LVO) is becoming the standard of care in comprehensive stroke centers harboring multidisciplinary teams and qualified neurointerventionalists; this approach shows good outcome and is also recommended by the Thai Stroke Guidelines (5).
Therefore, intra-arterial injection of 5000 units of heparin is routinely given after the sheath insertion.
Mesenchymal stem cells obtained from the bone marrow of the patient were then transplanted into the liver following the intra-arterial method.

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