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intraabdominal, intra-abdominal

adj intraabdominal or intra-abdominal
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Although the large defect hampered the function of the subhepatic drain, it preserved the intraabdominal cavity from biliary content by giving rise to biliary-cutaneous fistula.
The case is interesting as she had two intraabdominal gossypibomas with different appearances on computerized tomography.
The role of surgery in stage IV breast cancer with intraabdominal metastases is highly debatable.
Wilms' tumor, also known as nephroblastoma, is a common intraabdominal malignancy in young children with most cases occurring before age 5.
In patients who underwent complete laparoscopic resection it was detected that; biliary leakage rate was 2.4-7%, average blood loss was 65-240 cc, the rates of delay in gastric emptying was reported as 7-9.1%, bowel obstruction as 6.2%, intraabdominal bleeding as 5.3%, intraabdominal abscess development as 2.4%-19.9%, wound infection as 11.3%, and pulmonary complications and deep vein thrombosis (DVT) as 2.4%-14.3% (3).
Malign ve benign kokenli intraabdominal hastaliklarin tedavisinde yuksek hasta ve cerrah konforu, morbidite dusuklugu, hastanede daha kisa sure kalis ve ise cabuk donme avantajlari nedeniyle laparoskopik cerrahi yaklasim tercih edilmektedir.
OA Dressing or ABTHERA ADVANCE Dressing at -1 25mmHg, the ABTHERA ADVANCE Dressing demonstrated significant increase in overall tissue, skin, and fascia movement, with no change in intraabdominal pressure.
Cases with causes such as trauma, mesenteric vascular disease, internal or external hernias, intraabdominal adhesions, inflammatory bowel diseases, and iatrogenic perforations were excluded.
[4-24,26-30,31-34,35,36-37] Others however mention the drawbacks of laparoscopy in the background of complicated appendicitis and in presence of intraabdominal adhesions.
The patient remained hypotensive throughout; the symptoms were consistent with intraabdominal hemorrhage from the liver biopsy site.
(2-5) This study sought to quantify peak intraabdominal pressure (IAP) in women performing CrossFit exercises.
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