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 (ĭn′trə-sə-rē′brəl, -sĕr′ə-)
Occurring or situated within the cerebrum: an intracerebral hemorrhage.

in′tra·cer·e′bral·ly adv.
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(ˌɪntrəˈsɛrɪbrəl; ˌɪntrəsəˈriːbrəl)
existing, occurring, or located within the cerebrum
ˌintraˈcerebrally adv
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Adj.1.intracerebral - within the brain
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We intracerebrally inoculated 100 [micro]L of the viral stock of the first passage, as well as 3 consecutive 2-fold dilutions, into 3-4-day-old Swiss Albino suckling mice.
Eight mice from group1 were injected intracerebrally, just in the middle of line between the lateral canthus of eye and ear opening, with 0.03ml of brain tissue suspension (10%) of cow.
Daniel et al., "Intracerebrally recorded high frequency oscillations: simple visual assessment versus automated detection," Clinical Neurophysiology, vol.
Application of the MP pCASL sequence in mice injected intracerebrally with U87 glioma cells showed a significant, 19%, reduction in CBF in the tumour-bearing striatum (61 [+ or -] 12 mL/100 g/min) compared with the contralateral striatum at day 28 (74 [+ or -] 10 mL/100 g/min, p < 0.05; Figures 7(a)-7(c)).
injected 2 f g of AQP4-IgG and 3 [micro]L of 20% human complement in 8 f L of PBS intracerebrally into the brain of mice [1], and Zhang and Verkman induced demyelinating NMO lesions by continuous and chronic intracerebral infusion of NMO-IgG and complement in the lateral brain of mice [6].
Among these, four groups (one group per serotype) of each were subsequently challenged 3 weeks after the last boost with dengue virus (DENV) serotypes 1-4 (100 [LD.sub.50], 20 [micro]l intracerebrally) to determine vaccine efficacy.
(5) Although Rhesus 758 never developed signs of illness, its serum produced illness and death when injected intracerebrally into uninfected mice.
Gage, "Cellular activity of intracerebrally transplanted fetal hippocampus during behavior," Neuroscience, vol.
The remaining studies use peripheral blood- or umbilical cord blood-derived hematopoietic stem cells intracerebrally or infused into the middle cerebral artery of patients (NCT01518231; NCT01249287; NCT00761982; NCT01438593; and NCT00950521) [108].
A serum sample taken from this monkey was injected intracerebrally into mice and all of them became sick on the 10th day.
However, in some experimental studies that have been performed, apoptosis were reported in some neurons principally when the virus was inoculated intracerebrally (Jackson & Fu, 2013).
When the highest dose possible was given to mice either intracerebrally or intraventricularly, there were no symptoms for over five months.