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Occurring or situated within the cranium.

in′tra·cra′ni·al·ly adv.


within the cranium
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As a rare consequence, TOM may spread intracranially.
As an alternative, 10 [micro]L of the blood sample was also inoculated intracranially and intraperitoneally into 2-day-old suckling mice, which were then observed for 28 days for signs of illness.
28) If this dural projection extends to the skin surface, dermal elements will be pulled in as the diverticulum retracts intracranially, forming a dermal sinus tract.
Most commonly they are located intracranially, but they may be found extracranially at various sites.
7] Sarcomatous cells have been found in primary testicular tumours, their metastases and in primary extragonadal germ cell tumours originating intracranially, retroperitoneally and in the mediastinum.
Vicenza Hospital's expansion is another example of facilities that desire multiple CyberKnife Systems to manage growing patient demand for treatment of tumors not only intracranially, but in the lung, prostate, pancreas and liver.
1) Secondary intraorbital meningiomas arise intracranially and subsequently extend into the orbit.
Because the subdural space extends intracranially, local anaesthetic block of the brainstem is also possible and periods of unconsciousness and apnoea lasting several hours have been reported (36).
A computed tomography (CT) scan showed a fragment of glass penetrating the calvarium, glass shards in the scalp and intracranially, and tiny intracranial bone fragments and small air loculations (Fig.
5) They occur mainly in the middle ear cleft but have also been reported intracranially and in the external auditory canal.
A warfarin-related bleed that requires a blood transfusion or occurs intracranially or retroperitoneally is defined as a major bleed, with all other bleeding referred to as minor.
Mink were challenged 1 year ago both orally and intracranially and are under observation for clinical signs.