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The impact of humanism upon the origins of the European Reformation has been studied with considerable intensity in the last two decades; that this scholarly intensity has yet finally to resolve some of the questions involved is a sobering testimony to the intractability of much of the historical material, which in no way detracts from the excellent quality of much of that research.
But the intractability of this should not discourage our struggle.
The preference to cancel rather than renegotiate may simply reflect the intractability of divisions cases historically and the necessity to control originating and terminating traffic in order to secure reciprocity from connections.
The forest grew back in most places, of course, but it was not always the same one--either by human design or nature's intractability. By the early 1800s, Vermont, originally the "bread basket" of the colonies and almost totally covered with forest since the retreat of the glaciers, was so stripped of trees that only 20 percent of its land was left wooded.
In striking down hard-won labor laws, the courts not only crippled the broad legislative reform impulse of the early labor movement but also provided powerful evidence "of the intractability of the American state from the perspective of labor reform" (39).
The failure of the peace talks in Amman, Jordan, seemed to underscore the intractability of the Israeli-Palestinian dispute; yet last week the tentative sounds of new diplomatic activity could be heard.
According to reports, the Neuro surgeons and orthopedic surgeons reviewed their report of earlier meeting of 6th June, 2016 \"in view of the intractability of the pain and motion limitation, he is advised surgical lumbar disc replacement at a center where it is regularly performed\".
Creating a viable regional security framework will not be easy, given the seeming intractability of many of Asia's geopolitical fault lines.
Unless there is a change in some of the rhetoric and intractability Dr.
But it is unclear how generous the world is willing to be given the intractability of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and other priorities in the region such as the fight against militants in Syria and Iraq.
Acs' comment alludes to the intractability of poverty and the long, tough slog it is trying to get tens of millions out of poverty, given that 50 years ago, President Lyndon Johnson declared a "War on Poverty."