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a. Difficult to manage, deal with, or change to an acceptable condition: an intractable conflict; an intractable dilemma.
b. Difficult to alleviate, remedy, or cure: intractable pain; intractable depression.
2. Difficult to persuade or keep under control, as in behavior: "Bullheaded enough when he was cold sober, he was intractable after a few drinks" (John Grisham). See Synonyms at obstinate.
3. Difficult to mold or manipulate: intractable materials.

in·trac′ta·bil′i·ty, in·trac′ta·ble·ness n.
in·trac′ta·bly adv.
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Adv.1.intractably - in an intractable manner
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Mihailov again tried to say that that was how he understood Pilate, but his lips quivered intractably, and he could not pronounce the words.
They lived lives that were essentially separate yet intractably linked, mutually beneficial to one another.
Traditionally, he said, the money went almost solely to poverty-stricken areas in South and Central Los Angeles, the city's most intractably needy areas.
They used "modernist art to advocate for Western values when the [broad American] public perceived--justly or not--modernism art as being at best indifferent and sometimes intractably opposed to these values.
Either turf wars or sheer politics of power and pelf is consuming all the time and energy of status quo forces, while the country is slipping deeper into morass intractably.
Those who attempt to separate these imbroglios are, he argues, cutting through a "Gordian knot" (3) and attempting to segment something that, ultimately, cannot be segmented: things--technology, science, objects in the world, the environment (2)--are intractably linked to "power and human politics" (2) even as we steadfastly pretend this is not the case.
Copyright is fundamentally and intractably inefficient.
With climate science coming from so many quarters and drawing on information that is local in many ways, prediction markets are a singularly effective way to process the otherwise intractably numerous sources of climate science.
Morrison does not let this distinction settle, though, as the Convent from the opening of the novel is intractably tied to Ruby.
The narrative texts has come up with the issue that, the favorable opinion is derived from the favorable faith; the firmest the faith of a man, and the intractably and soundly hearted from sin; the more his optimism.
Both in higher education and more generally, the state and key actors appear to lack the will to act courageously and decisively at the levels of policy, personnel, and performance when it is clear that problems remain intractably entrenched," Badat wrote.
Given the parochial interests represented by the two overseers (Congress and the public) and the differing goals for trade that Democrats and Republicans traditionally have had, it does not take much imagination to see future trade talks becoming intractably bogged down by negotiations within the U.