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Adj.1.intradepartmental - within a department; "intradepartmental memos"
interdepartmental - between or among departments; "interdepartmental competition"
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Slide reviews that are done only as part of intradepartmental quality assurance activities are usually retrospective or immediate prospective reviews that focus on such things as report accuracy or confirming the presence of malignancy.
The plan was to create a three-management-layer organization--(1) executive, (2) departmental, and (3) intradepartmental teams (Figure 3).
He does not imagine how conflicting inter- and intradepartmental divisions and "research interests" might be reshaped through the discovery of new definitions for problems that redefine existing interests and redeploy existing resou rces.
In early 1980, the new counsel to the president, Lloyd Cutler, requested an intradepartmental memorandum on the use of executive privilege.
Together, through an intradepartmental team, our staff identified key elements that should be prominent on the label and created a design that not only met our LIS requirements, but was easy for staff members to read.
Visibility should also be fostered through improved intradepartmental and cross-specialty collaborations that highlight the value that radiologists bring to the care continuum.
In the first place, intradepartmental political struggles within Health Canada meant that many key areas of public health (which also received large funding envelopes) remained within Health Canada rather than moving to PHAC.
Open Competition: Implementation Of Works On The Development And Provision Of Services In Support Of Departmental Integrated Information System Automation And Information Support Of E-Interdepartmental And Intradepartmental Cooperation, The Provision Of Public Services And Performance Of Public Functions
In local cases, where tumor material must be transferred from surgical pathology or cytology to the molecular diagnostic laboratory, intradepartmental delivery of materials should occur within 1 working day for finalized current or recent (eg, not in long-term storage) cases.
After surviving the intradepartmental process, these separate solutions enter the interagency process and eventually make their way to the highest levels of government.
Miller, III, where he was responsible for intradepartmental coordination of Economic Development and Domestic Policy Council Issues following his selection as a White House Fellow in 1985.
Review intradepartmental processes, organizational structures, and workloads to identify opportunities for enhancing accountability and eliminating roadblocks.