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Adj.1.intradepartmental - within a department; "intradepartmental memos"
interdepartmental - between or among departments; "interdepartmental competition"
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It recommended transitioning the AMHS to a public corporation, which maintains the existing benefits of intradepartmental coordination, public purpose, access to federal funding, and access to shared services with DOT&PF, the Department of Administration, and the Department of Law.
As we will discuss in Section 2, status or rank plays a vital role in power distribution, bureaucratic interactions, and intradepartmental interplay in China's political system.
The next step and perhaps a most crucial one is intradepartmental accountability.
It is pertinent to note here that back in September, an intradepartmental investigation report revealed that four senior policemen acted as facilitators of powerful smugglers bringing in goods worth millions in Karachi illegally.
also discovered an appalling lack of intradepartmental accountability.
The intradepartmental division-stratified case volume per surgeon is presented in Figure 1.
The results were verified by second opinion through intradepartmental consultation with various consultants to minimize bias.
Caption: FIGURE 1 Itemization of the Commercial Compliance Team's Traditional Environmental Health and Intradepartmental Responsibilities
Another form of multi header meeting is intradepartmental consultation conference carried out at Shifa international hospital.
Professor Seth Stoughton also theorizes that collective bargaining might create or aggravate "intradepartmental tensions." Id.
Roberto Ruiz-Cordero was supported by an intradepartmental research grant sponsored by the Department of Pathology at the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital.