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Within or between the layers of the skin: an intradermal injection.

in′tra·der′mal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.intradermally - into the skin
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VBI-1901 is administered intradermally and is adjuvanted with granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor (GM-CSF), a potent adjuvant that mobilizes dendritic cell function.
All study subjects after obtaining consent were administered 0.1 ml of BCG by a single trained staff nurse on the left arm just above the insertion of deltoid muscle intradermally with a 26-gauge needle and tuberculin syringe.
In the H10N8 study, 201 healthy volunteers aged 18 to 64 years received two doses of vaccine or placebo three weeks apart, intramuscularly at dose levels from 25 ?g to 400 ?g, or intradermally at dose levels of 25 ?g or 50 ?g.
She uses PRP either intradermally or topically after microneedling or fractional ablative laser resurfacing.
Since autoerythrocyte sensitization syndrome was considered, the patient was intradermally given 1 mL of both whole blood and plasma obtained from the patient herself, and also saline was administered to the other arm as a control (Figures 3, 4).
Intradermal injection of the MMR vaccine was administered to the responders, and saline was injected intradermally to the Placebo Group.
The PGB and INDO were administered intraperitoneally (i.p.), and CAR was intradermally (i.d.) (subplantar) administered.
Inclusion criteria was all children, up to 3 years, presenting with BCG lymphadenitis who had been given 0.05 ml of BCG vaccine intradermally at birth.
Of the administered doses, more than half (51%) were tOPV and approximately half (47%) were bOPV; an additional 1.4% were mOPV2, 0.05% were IPV plus bOPV, 0.2% were IPV alone, and 0.15% were fractional IPV (0.1 mL administered intradermally).
For the patients whose SLN detection technique would be achieved by radioisotope colloid only or combined technique; 1 mCi Tc-99m nanocolloid was applied peritumorally and/or intradermally 4-12 hours before surgery, and preoperative lymphoscintigraphy was performed on these patients to determine involvement of the lymph nodes.
The above mentioned observations are consistent with studies of Kambil and Madavamurthy.11 The present study showed IgG deposition in 100% cases of pemphigus group (intradermally) and BP (at BMZ).
We have had to neutralize intradermally or remove, if possible.