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semicircular arch


 (ĭn′trə-dŏs′, -dō′, ĭn-trā′dŏs′, -dōs′)
n. pl. in·tra·dos (-dōz′) or in·tra·dos·es (-dŏs′ĭz) Architecture
The inner curve of an arch.

[French : intra-, within (from Latin intrā-; see intra-) + dos, back (from Old French, from Latin dorsum).]
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n, pl -dos or -doses
(Architecture) architect the inner curve or surface of an arch or vault. Compare extrados
[C18: from French, from intra- + dos back, from Latin dorsum]
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(ˈɪn trəˌdɒs, -ˌdoʊs, ɪnˈtreɪ dɒs, -doʊs)

n., pl. -dos (-ˌdoʊz, -doʊz) -dos•es.
the interior curve or surface of an arch or vault. Compare extrados.
[1765–75; < French, =intra- intra- + dos back]
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Noun1.intrados - the interior curve of an archintrados - the interior curve of an arch  
curve, curved shape - the trace of a point whose direction of motion changes
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A more quantitative inspection of the simulation results can be done by considering the thickness profiles along intrados and extrados lines of the parison shown in Fig.
A 2.5 kN dead weight was hung at the arch intrados, by means of a harmonic metal wire, at the quarter of the span position so as to excite also nonsymmetric vibration modes.
Based on this element, the curves that determine the intrados and extrados are defined, which are in general different from each other and at each elevation.
In total, there are fifteen monitoring points (number 1 to number 15) with a 0.5 m distance between each other on the intrados of the tunnel lining, in which point number 8 is at the center of the three segments under the impact load in the longitudinal direction.
De este modo aparece ya en la misma basilica de San Vitale en la clave (o intrados) del arco triunfal.
However, after induction bending, these properties rapidly decrease because a new microstructure is obtained and also tensile strain, in extrados part, and compression strain in intrados part, is given to the material.
This oblique band is attributable to a deep-seated Variscan shear zone, whose right-lateral motion may contribute to compensate shortening in the intrados of the arc, as is documented by local contraction structures in the flanks of the northern folds (Fig.